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Scientific Research Management Solution


Solution Background

A university is capable of conduction scientific research, knowledge innovation and conversion of the scientific achievements. Scientific research management is the result of basic and applied researches combined with state and social demands, which in turn guides, plans and controls the later ones. The scientific research management in universities attempts to optimize the resources coordinates different sectors based on that function and need, so as to maximize the efficiency of the conversion of the scientific achievements. With the development of information technology, it has set higher requirements to the educational management system of colleges and universities. Inspur Group, with its dozens of years’ experience in educational informatization, has come up with a suitable educational administration system for the informatization of the higher learning institutes.

Solution Structure

Solution Application System

● Project approval management: topic report, topic view, formal examination, topic review, external topic import and query of project approval information.

● Contract management: contract generation, contract management, contract view, funds management, allocation plan, funds appropriation, query of allocated funds for the topic and query of allocation condition.

 Process management: topic performance and declaration, view of performance and declaration, uploading of process document, funds declaration, funds, view of declaration, topic performance and management, report and management of the college's funds and contract status control.

● Modification management: declaration of contract modification, view of contract modification, management of contract modification and modification of planned funds in the contract.

● Acceptance management: declaration of topic acceptance, declaration and view of topic acceptance and management of topic acceptance.

● Result management: management of standard, patent, thesis, monograph and literature.

● Basic maintenance: system configuration, item classification dictionary, role management, organization management, user maintenance, document definition, item nature dictionary, funds subject dictionary, examination and approval flow customization, operation log and key management.

● Query statistics: general view and comprehensive statistics of scientific research subject.

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