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Solution for Educational Administration In Higher Learning Institutes


1. Solution Background

Educational administration means to take full advantage of human resource, financial resources, material resources and all favorable conditions inside the education system via organization and coordination, so as to efficiently conduct activities of educational management target. With the development of information technology, it has set higher requirements to the educational management system of colleges and universities. Inspur Group, with its dozens of years’ experience in educational informatization, has come up with a suitable educational administration system for the informatization of the higher learning institutes.

Inspur has a professional team dedicated to the educational industry, including staff such as R&D, sales, business, and technical support. Inspur does not only provide software and hardware integration platform for the education sectors, make industrial standards and norms, but also undertake the R&D of the core businesses, which best demonstrate the experience Inspur has accumulated over the years in the educational industry.

Wave group has a full line of products from hardware to software and the needs of our clients the ability to custom development, business, from initial consultation, design, system integration and implementation, technical training, after-sales business and integration solutions to solve the user's worries.

2. Introduction of the Project Application Sub-System

● School register management

school register management includes: student number, name, gender, ID number, nationality, native place, college, department, grade, major, administrative class, length of schooling, period of schooling, major category, major code, dormitory number, home place, enrollment date, graduate school, contact number, exam registration number, date of birth, politics status, admission time, enrollment, whether the outstanding student or not, student type, home place, postal code, school register status and level. Operate the school register changes and adjust the course selection after the changes of school register. The college & department or instructor can input and query the student award, punishment, subsidy and attendance management through C/S; the Student Work Department can summary the condition of the whole school, and can export it in Excel or DBF.

● Teacher management

The fields included are: number of worker, name, gender, date of birth, contact number, e-mail, worker type, department, section office, position, title, teaching quality evaluation, teacher introduction, grade, education background, teaching research direction, graduate institution, and professional qualifications of teacher, telephone number, politics status and nationality. The increase, deletion and modification of teacher record can be completed. The initial password can be set with the number of worker and date of birth, etc. The calculation of teacher's workload is provided; the class coefficient can be set; the workload of each course can be calculated according to the class hour and class coefficient (or attendance).

● Teaching material management

It includes basic information maintenance for the teaching material, and the increase, deletion and modification of the teaching material. The teaching material includes: teaching material title, author, press, version number, edition, ISBN, inventory, publication date, type of teaching materials. It also includes the implementation of teaching materials plan (the college & department inputs the teaching materials for each course through C/S), statistics of teaching material quantity, query statistics of teaching material plan, storage and delivery of teaching material, and the storage and delivery can be queried.

● Teaching schedule management

course library management, original teaching plan management (including professional information management and course information management of teaching plan), formation of semester teaching task, college and department's implementation of teaching task, preparation, query and output of teaching task. The course stop and increase of unplanned course are available. The intelligent and inherited operation of the teaching plan is also available.

● Course arrangement

Condition settlement of courses arranging classroom, setting of course schedule, restriction of course schedule, limit of course schedule, teacher changes for the course, classroom borrowing, course adjustment application and processing, query of unoccupied classroom, system collision detection, query of class schedule distribution, classroom schedule, teacher schedule, class schedule and printing of professional schedule. As for the automatic courses arranging, the course for the grade, college & department and major can be arranged in batches. The course schedule can be queried according to the condition; the compound query condition can be set for searching, the results include: course title, teacher name, seating, number of people, combined classes condition, place of class, course type, course nature, class period, hours per week, department of giving course, site requirements, start week, end week, course number, course selection number, total hours, lecture class hours, experiment hours, computer hours, start week and end week, etc. The student and teacher can query the courses arranging results on the net, all the courses arranging results can be exported in Excel as the school schedule for query and statistics.

● Course selection management

Special election and dropping of normal course are available in course selection stage. It mainly includes: setting of course selection and starts, setting of course selection rules and course selection management of general course (required course management center, student course selection process, special election/dropping, query of course selection results and original data). The Office of Academic Affairs can manage the course for selection through C/S, set upper limit for selection and whether the course can be selected. The student can select course on the net through B/S. The results of pre-selection course can be refreshed into the student's teaching task table, and the course with selection number less than the set value (e.g. 15) can be stopped. The selection number for the course not for selection can be preset. The course selection management center can set special election/dropping for normal course, including: course for selection management, original selection/dropping of course, query of course selection result, original record of course selection, mixed query for the student and teacher, pre-selection course management, original record of pre-selection and pre-selection data migration.

● Score management

The teacher can input the score of his/her course on the net through B/S, and the student can also query the score in the same way. The Office of Academic Affairs can trace the score inputting condition of the teacher, and can supervise and urge the teacher to submit score. It mainly includes: import, export, input modification and query of student score, query processing of course score and input of college score (the course score is not necessarily input by the teacher, the college & department also can input the teacher's score), input setting of online score, relearning score (input and query of relearning score), input of make-up examination score, input of score for student attending deferred examination, score processing for high performance athlete, score management for minority student, query of class/student score, printing of fail list and statistical analysis of score (percentage of exams failed recorded by the college, number of failure recorded according to the course, fail list of the semester, credit warning, statistics of ranking and credits statistics). The college also can query the eligible student score according to specified conditions (college & department, major, class, name and student number) through B/S.

● Examination management

The student can apply for deferred examination through B/S; the college & department can input in the same way; the Office of Academic Affairs will check it and issue the application notice for deferred examination to the teacher and student. Make-up examination arrangement (including: time arrangement for the make-up examination site and printing of student list of the site), examination arrangement (including: examination arrangements for general course and professional course). If the classroom is in short supply, it can take examination arrangement (II), i.e. half of the students in two classes can be put in one classroom for examination. The examination list can be queried, printed and exported in Excel.

● On-line registration

     Make-up examination registration is mainly for the graduation examination, and the make-up examination registration, grade and course limit can be set for a few kinds of courses. Preregistration for major changes is mainly used for collecting the major changes application input by the student from B/S.

● Graduate management

printing of graduate's score, the title of school report can be set, whether to print the thesis, whether to display the  credit of thesis, whether to print the score of grade examination, signature line, printing of score of make-up examination, printing of retake score, printing of credit, certificate number, degree certificate number, page display during continuous printing, printing of credits statistics, 60 for passing make-up examination and retake. The single item and multi items printing preview are available. The Office of Academic Affairs can set and save each option, and the user in the college & department can automatically read the saved option.

● On-line teaching evaluation

     It includes Setting of teaching evaluation semester, teaching evaluation index, teaching evaluation option, teaching evaluation for normal course, and original record of student's teaching evaluation, statistical analysis of student's teaching evaluation. It may set whether the course will be evaluated, and the average evaluation score of all students for each course can be generated automatically and can be sorted according to the aggregate score. The teaching can be evaluated for many times in every semester, and the consultation stage can be set. The Office of Academic Affairs can query each setting through C/S, and the student can evaluate the teaching in specific time through B/S. The Office of Academic Affairs can turn on or turn off the switch for the teacher to query the student's teaching evaluation result, after the query switch is turned on, the teacher can query the teaching evaluation result through B/S.

● Feedback of information staff

It includes the feedback information of the student information staff to the school's teaching management department and teacher. The student information staff have right to put forward opinions or suggestions on all kinds of subjects through B/S, and the Office of Academic Affairs can query and reply the opinions and suggestions submitted. As for the opinions put forward by the teacher, the view switch for each record can be turned on selectively; if the view switch is turned on, the corresponding teacher can view the student's opinion or suggestion to him. The lecture attending condition for teaching supervision can also be input in the feedback system, the teacher also can view it. The opinion put forward by the information staff can be replied through public bulletin board.

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