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Inspur Tax BI Solution


Industry Background

With the rapid development of tax informatization, there is large number of data accumulated in taxation industry. How to integrate mass data and analyze them with view to providing useful information about decision making becomes more and more urgent.

The platform is to give full play to available data, utilize data warehouse, data mining, statistical analysis and other technologies to build integrated, business-related data analysis platform, realizing monitoring analysis and risk management of tax statement, inquiry and collection. In this way, the platform guarantees fast, scientific and rational decision making of tax authorities.

After many years of development and implementation, Inspur has accumulated rich experiences, built lots of established analysis models and developed a group of advanced development tools, forming a product chain.

Overall Architecture

Tax Source Control Analysis System – digital Tax Bureau

The management provides direct and vivid graphics to illustrate the tax revenue, tax sources, tax burden, tightness in tax collection and administration, audit and assessment to inform leaders of current situation and prepare them for future decision making.

Risk Management system

Risk management is to use available information sources to establish taxpaying evaluation model, and by analyzing indicator data to identify tax compliance risks of tax payers and put forward corresponding risk countering measures, thus bringing the future risks to the lowest level.

Risk management is based on risk management theories, supported by contemporary information technology. It fully uses available information sources, adopts scientific statistical methods and tools and ranks the tax payers from different industries in terms of compliance risks. It screens out the tax payers with highest noncompliance risks and employs taxation evaluation and taxation audit and other effective measures in response to specific risks, attaining the goal of professional management of tax sources.

Tax Accounting Audition System

Tax accounting audition system is specially designed and developed for improving the quality of tax collection data and efficiency of tax accounting of statistical sections.

According to relevant provisions in Tax Accounting Regulations, Tax Accounting Audition Measures (for trial ), National Industries Classification Annotation, Government Budgetary Revenue and Expenditure Items, this system goes through the procedures of the taxable, tax collection, reduction and exemption, refunding, default of payment, super-solution, submission and other issues that will impact tax accounting audition, automatically retrieve inconsistent data to improve the efficiency and quality of tax accounting audition, thus raising the data quality of tax collection and administration system and consolidating the basis for tax accounting audition . At the same time, the system will generate the results of performance evaluation, which can be used as a tool for constantly improving work efficiency and quality.

The Platform for Tax Administrator

The platform is founded to improve the work efficiency of grass-root administrator, relieve the work pressure of administrator and provide an effective tool of managing tax payers for tax administrator and institutions at different levels. The platform has a series functions of tasks flow, tax payment evaluation, data analysis, data analysis forewarning, external data switch, information inquiry, safe administration and various modules including administration account, work items, sub-account management, tax source control, document management, “one-building” management, work log, information verification, performance evaluation, individual tax report, abnormal information, tax payment evaluation, system management.

Features of Solution

1. In terms of data analysis, Inspur has basically made data analysis oriented as module, tool and product

2. Non-business-related Comprehensive data platform solution that is based on SOA and MDM

3. Accumulated analysis modules, include macro analysis, risk management, tax payment evaluation and digital tax verification modules

4. Develop and integrate flexible tools from statement, inquiry, data sampling management to metadata management, which remarkably increases implementation efficiency of projects

5. Successful cases from SAT to local taxation bureau have strong demonstration effect in tax industry

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