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Cloud Data Center


Inspur cloud computing data center can automatically manage, dynamically distribute, deploy, allocate, reallocate and recycle resources, and can also automatically install software and application. The “cloud” can provide virtual infrastructure for user.

Demands and challenges

The rapid development of enterprise brings more challenges to IT system, and the enterprise’s demands on data share, resource conservation and service mode have greatly changed. The traditional data center means to purchase a series of equipment from different manufactures, and with the continuous improvement of information construction, the user will encounter many problems when use, manage and maintain basic hardware:

1) More and more new business need relay on information, and meanwhile the increase of server brings the requirements for IT environment: a series of pressures such as computer room, power supply capacity, capacity of UPS, power consumption, IT management difficulty, etc. caused by IT expansion

2) Business department has higher requirements for information, and different business departments have different requirements. How to achieve customized resource allocation and IT supply will be a greater challenge.

3) In the aspect of IT department response efficiency, the existing server platform needs at least several days to bring up a new set server online, and the distribution of resource management is inflexible.

4) Business continuity and security factors. The business continuity and fault rapid restoration is unable to achieve, and generally it will take several hours or one day to restore a faulted application server or crashed operating system, badly influence IT flexibility and security.

The above factors will greatly restrict IT department development and the service level of supporting business department. Aiming at the above major problems, Inspur proposes cloud data center scheme to make the most flexible IT architecture, the most cost-effective return on investment scheme, the safest/most reliable business platform and the highest efficiency management means.

Construction scheme of Inspur cloud computing data center

Insupur cloud computing data center can automatically manage, dynamically distribute, deploy, allocate, reallocate and recycle resources, and can also automatically install software and application. The “cloud” can provide virtual infrastructure for user. The user can define the constitution of virtual basic infrastructure, such as server configuration, quantity, storage style, size and so on. The user submits request through self-service interface, and the lifecycle of each request is maintained by platform.

Architecture diagram of cloud computing data center

Cloud computing data center can provide resources required by different applications according to customer’s specific demands and application scenarios, and the universal application can deal with business through resource pool; for the high-density computing applications such as simulation application, it can be dealt through supercomputer center.

Inpsur virtualization

Inpsur InCloud Sphere server virtualization system is developed and designed facing with private and industry cloud, and it is the virtualization cornerstone of cloud data center, committing to create the most stable and safest virtualization platform.

As a communication bridge between bottom resource and upper application, Inpsur InCloud Sphere server virtualization system constructs resource pool on the basis of server, storage and network equipment, and realizes various advanced functions of system on resource pool through resource management, scheduling and image management. It integrates the computing, storage and network into an organic whole, and conducts unified, intelligent and flexible management, distribution and scheduling, realizing resource management and service delivery of data center.

Inspur cloud platform

As Chinese leading provider of cloud computing service in and the industry leading supplier of cloud computing solutions, Inspur has been putting forth effort to develop cloud computing software with strong R & D technology efforts recent years. It has developed InCloud Manager V3.0 cloud computing operating system so far.

Cloud computing operating system refers to the overall management and operation system of cloud computing background data center, and it is a cloud platform total management system on the basis of basic hardware resources such as server, storage and network, etc., basic software such as single machine operating system, middleware, database, etc. and soft resources. Cloud computing operating system generally includes the following modules: several modules such as large-scale basic software and hardware management, virtual computing management, distributed document system, business/resource scheduling management, security management, etc.

InCloud Manager is a system architecture independently designed by Inspur. Self-developed cloud resource management platform supports bottom VMWare vSphere platform and heterogeneous virtual resource pool of Inspur self-developed virtual product InCloud Sphere. The already deployed vSphere environment can be taken over without halt, realizing seamless compatibility for vSphere environment and security controllability.

Architecture of Inspur InCloud Manager adheres to the design concept of modularization, combing with the Inspur’s understanding of the customer requirements for cloud data center and beyond customer’s expectation, it provides user experience of great value and complete system design.

Solution advantages and values of Insour

The customer will be the beneficiary of cloud computing. Customer will gain significant value through cloud computing.

Meet demands and adapt to changes: the characteristics of low initial investment, fast scalability and so on can help the enterprise to rapidly deploy new application in accordance with business process and the change of commercial mode, adapting to the change of business.

Promote innovation: cloud computing makes a reasonable allocation of society computing resource, storage resource and information resource. User can obtain nearly infinite computing ability and variety of information service with Internet. It enables user to cheaply try different kinds of technology combination and produces new technology on the basis of existing technology. It supports various innovation application and commercial mode, and stimulates the innovation potential of organization.

Reduction of IT cost: getting service on demands will reduce the initial investment of enterprise information construction and improve management efficiency of operation and maintenance, significantly reduce service cost.

Greater reliability and security of application: it will adopt professional management operation and maintenance means to guarantee data security and highly reliable service standard, therefore the reliability and security of information technology is greater.

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