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Modular Data Center


Inspur modular data center can deal with the requirements of server for cloud computing, virtualization, centralization and high density, improve operation efficiency of data center, reduce energy consumption, realize fast capacity expansion and avoid the interaction between old and new system.

Demands and Challenges

The rapid development of IT system brings various challenges to data center, and it inevitably brings higher requirements for the system of air conditioning, UPS, cabinet and monitoring, including the reformation of precise refrigeration, dynamic refrigeration, high efficiency refrigeration of air conditioning, and the innovation of the demands on highly efficient and modular capacity expansion, and miniaturization supporting individual modules, the improvements of cabinet size, bearing optimization and through-hole rate under the low load conditions of UPS and demands on the intelligence of monitoring and regionalization expansion. Based on the above factors, modular data center adopts the design concepts which totally different from traditional scheme.

Solutions to Modular Data Center of Inspur

Grounding and Anti-static

Micromodule earthing system meets the requirements of personal safety and the normal operation of equipment.

The shell of conductive metal, all kinds of metallic conduits and building metal structure of all equipments such as cabinet, HVDC, battery cabinet, air conditioning, precise power distribution cabinet and so on serve as equipotential connection. Non ground insulation isolated conductor and aluminium alloy frame have no less than four access points. The external grounding adopts 25mm2 copper wires to connect with grounding grid in computer room

Cabinet System

It adopts server cabinet of Inspur high quality cold rolled steel plate with width 600* depth 1200* height 2100 (mm), and the available space is 42U.

Upright material of cabinet: 2.0mm cooling plate; frame material: 1.5mm cooling plate. Dynamic load is 1000kg, static load is 1300kg and the height of rack with castor is lower than 2 meters for convenient integral move.

The front and back door adopt 1.5mm cooling plate of hexagon mesh and the through-hole rate reaches up to 75%, which benefits the ventilation and heat dissipation of equipments in cabinet and adapts to the heat dissipation requirements of new-style server with high heat density. The front door uses single-point lock and double-open back door uses connecting rod three-point lock, which has simple structure and firm locking ability, and is easy to open and accommodates the habit of opening door with left and right hands. Locks of front and back door are of universal.

Each cabinet is equipped with two PDU wiring boards which are installed vertically, occupying U space.

Closed System of Cooling Channel

In order to reduce data center energy consumption and improve air conditioning cooling efficiency, the modular data center adopts the design of closed cooling channel.

Products of closed cooling channel consist of end door, skylight, sealing element, monitoring accessories, etc.

The door panel uses bilateral sliding door, high quality cold rolled steel plate frame and surface spray. The self-contained tempered glass window of door leaf is not less than 4mm;

Designing overturning skylight to support fire-fighting gas enter into channel. Overturning skylight conducts linkage with monitoring system (such as fire alarm signal, temperature and humidity alarm signal, camera shooting and so on). When fire alarm occurs, the overturning skylight turns over and opens. The skylight uses large-area organic glass transparent plate with transmittance no less than 90%, and it can make full use of lighting in computer room. The inflaming retarding level is not lower than UL94-HB;

Other parts include bottom guard of cabinet, LED lamp, temperature and humidity sensor, audible and visual alarm, etc. These accessories are directly installed in the closed cooling channel products, playing the role of seal, lighting and monitoring.

Design LED auxiliary lighting system inside channel, and the illumination is noy less than 500LUX.

There are monitoring components in closed channel to monitor the environment such as temperature and humidity, smoke detector, etc. It can also connect into the third party alarm signal and the overturning skylight controlling cabinet conducts linkage.

Air Conditioning System

Adopting new-style horizontal air supply inter-row air conditioning, it applies to high power server, overcomes the disadvantages of insufficient refrigeration capacity, frequent dehumidification operation, non energy conservation and hotspot caused by air supply mode fo traditional precise air conditioning, and has advantages of automatic capacity adjustment operation, high temperature return air, short wind path, total sensible heat operation, high-efficiency heat transfer, effectively contain hotspots, etc.

Monitoring System

The module includes comprehensive monitoring system, and it can share a set monitoring platform when multiple module combinations are placed in the same computer room.

All equipments in computer room can be connected to the server of monitoring center through various communication media (methods such as RS485, RS232, SNMP, LANWORKS); monitoring center server conducts data collection, computing analysis, data storage, alarm trigger, alarm processing and logic control, and provides real time service of monitoring data for remote client side; it can conducts remote control, data query, data print and maintenance management with one or more remote client side host or WEB browsing method.

Fire Protection System

It adopts FM200 gas fire-fighting system. It needs to arrange independent gas cylinder room whose area is not less than 10 square meters. Prepare three 70L fire-fighting gas cylinders, and each fire-fighting gas cylinder is filled with 70KG fire-fighting gas of HFC-227ea.

When adopts fire detector, the automatic control device of fire extinguishing system starts until receives two sets independent fire alarm signals. In accordance with requirements of personnel safe evacuation protection zone, there is controllable delayed injection no more than 30 seconds; it can set injection without delay for protection zone where nobody works.

Computer Room Decoration

Sprung roof: the computer uses ceiling as sprung roof. The top floor is painted with gray latex paint and dealt with heat preservation and thermal insulation. Lamps in computer room region use three-tube grid lamp

Ground: data computer room is laid anti-static floor board with 300mm height, the floor under floor board and walls are painted with dust prevention floor board lacquer, and dealt with heat preservation and thermal insulation.

Wall: walls in all decoration areas are decorated with latex paint and stainless steel baseboard.

Waterproof design: there is water collector under water-cooled inter-row air conditioning, and it is connected to waterspout through drain pipe of site construction; inlet and outlet pipes are wrapped with insulation cotton to prevent from heat transfer with outside environment meanwhile prevent from the production of condensate water.

Personnel and equipment channel design: there is stone staircase in height difference position and ramp in height difference position of equipment main entrance.

Highlights and Values of Scheme

Fast deployment: prefabricate parts and rapid on-site assembly shortens construction cycle over 50%, and the space limitation is small; it can support installation of raised flooring of cement ground and anti-static, and the clear height is only 2.8 meters.

Green and energy conservation: adopting closed cooling and heat channel technology avoids the mixture of cold airflow and thermal airflow and significantly reduces energy consumption. Adopting inter-row air conditioning to realize near-end refrigeration, significantly raises refrigeration efficiency; it reduces 30%~50% energy consumption compared with traditional data center, and the lowest PUR is 1.4.

Flexibility extension: adopting modular parts and unified interface standard can realize capacity expansion on demands in rack or module unit, saving investment; design on demands and support 1kW~21kW smooth upgrade of single cabinet rated power density.

Intelligent management: the management system supports the industry-standard Modbus, SNMP and power management bus protocol, and it can uniformly monitor the power, environment, video and access control of data center infrastructure;

Rapid deployment, flexible extension, high availability and low cost are always the core requirements when user designs and deploys data center. Now, with the rapid development of cloud computing and big data, modularization and prefabrication and so on can better satisfy theses requirements. Products of modular data center separate the relatively independent units in the infrastructure system of data center and conduct modularization reintegration. Module internals create a system of its own and ensure each module can steadily output through various kinds of equipment redundancy, backup and fault-tolerance. These encapsulated modules constitute a complete data center system through limited cables and pipelines connection. Adopting prefabrication to complete the assembly, connection and test of relevant infrastructure of data center in factory. Reduce work quantities in data center site as far as possible, thus shorten data center construction cycle, improve project quality and more significantly reduce cost.

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