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Container Data Center


The in-cloud container data center of Inspur is a complete set data center solution, integrating power supply, IT equipment, refrigeration, cooling and all other data center modules. It has the characteristics of can integrated delivery, flexible deployment goods, allocation according to demands and use on delivery. Customer can use it only through linking power and connecting to network .

Demands and Challenges

The in-cloud container data center of Inspur is an integrated data center solution, it has subversive changes with regard to the building and operation and maintenance for middle and small-sized data center and the deployment and operation and maintenance for large-scale data center. In management, it adopts the automatic and virtual management technology, increasing the utilization rate of equipment to more than 60% from the current 10-20%. Meanwhile, management module can collect statistics of the utilization of every application resource and control the unit cost of each resource, realizing the accurate control for TCO of data center

Solutions to Container Data Center of Inspur

The product adopts 20 or 40 feet container as the carrier of data center, and the cold and heat channel are isolated. It provides the standard 19 inches rack (42U), and supports the largest 10 kW load capacity of rack. The power system, monitoring system, fire protection system, security & protection system and precision air conditioning are combined together organically, providing a stable working environment for IT equipment. As an integrated container data center, it can work when provide electricity, water supply and network.

Infrastructure of Computer Room

In the design of this product, in order to integrate cabinet, power, precision air conditioning, fire protection, monitoring and decoration and so on into a frame, it adopts internationally-used container as the computer room infrastructure of data center. The container is highly standard, convenient to hoisting and transportation and can be placed everywhere outside; it can meet the design requirements of convenient move and short construction cycle; meanwhile the six-sided steel plate structure offers solid foundation for the installation of each system, and the front and back gate (1100mm (width) *2200mm (height)) of container is designed for the installation of general equipment and getting in and out of staves.

Decoration System

In that the product can be placed in open space, five 50 mm color-coated steel sandwich boards are respectively laid in the sides, two ends and top of computer room in order to reduce the loss of refrigeration capacity inflicted by outside environment on computer room, and high-efficiency thermal insulation material is filled in.

Waterproof Design

Water collector is installed in the bottom of precision air conditioning, and condensate water is discharged from container through drain pipe. Refrigerant pipeline of air conditioning is wrapped with heat preservation cotton to prevent from the production of condensate water while prevent from heat transfer with outside environment.


In consideration of the glare limit level (grade I) inside computer room, it adopts LED light. LED light possesses the characteristic of energy conservation and environment protection, low heat, no radiation and low glare, and no ultraviolet light and infrared ray in spectrum.

Speed of emergency lights is 50Lx, and emergency light supplies 90 minutes continuous power supply.

Design on Earthing System

Adopting comprehensive earthing method, the shell of conductive metal, all kinds of metallic conduits, building metal structure of all equipments inside the container serve as equipotential connection. The reseau of equipotential connection uses copper strips or bare copper wire with sectional area no less than 25mm2.

Lightning Protection Design

The system adopts three-grade lighting protection design to ensure the safe and reliable operation of system. The exterior of container adopts lightning rod for level I lighting protection, the access port of AC (Alternating Current) adopts SPD (surge protective devices) for level II lightning protection, and the input end of PDU adopts SPD for level III lightning protection.

Monitoring System

Monitoring all indexes in data center environment to ensure the normal operation of data center, record exceptional conditions and give an alarm automatically and quickly, realizing remote access. Through making connections with monitoring management center and database, it can implement monitoring under the united platform for information such as power equipment, computer room environment, security guard and fire protection, video image, etc.

Fire Protection System

The components inside container adopt refractory and inflaming retarding material, fire resistance rating attaining grade I. The separate HFC-227 gas fire-extinguishing system can conduct monitoring, alarm and control for data center, and submit fire alarm signal to fire protection alarm monitoring system.

Highlights and values of Inspur scheme

Energy Conservation Special Chapter

An important indicator of measuring the energy consumption of data center is PUEPower Usage Effectiveness. PUE is an energy ratio of all energy consumed in data center to energy used for IT load. That is to say PUE=energy consumption of total equipments in data center/ energy consumption of IT equipments. Currently, PUE of domestic data center is generally about 2.0, and the design aim of this product is PUE1.6.

High-efficiency heat preservation measures: interior of container is laid with 50mm thickness color-coated steel sandwich board. The thermal insulation material inside color-coated steel sandwich board is XPS Polystyrene with heat transfer coefficient 0.003W/ (m,K), and it effectively prevents solar radiation from entering into interior of container while prevents the external flow of refrigeration capacity. The pipeline connecting outdoor unit of air conditioning and end of refrigeration is wrapped with heat preservation cotton, it prevents heat transfer between refrigerant and outside environment and avoids refrigeration capacity waste.

Hot and cold channel separation: the cold channel and hot channel is separated through reasonable layouts, thus it can avoid refrigeration capacity waste caused by cold and hot flow mix.

High-efficiency precision air conditioning: adopting high-efficiency precision air conditioning can get larger refrigeration capacity in the same power consumption condition. It can automatically regulates refrigeration capacity and directly save electric energy.

Precise air supply: precision air conditioning adopts horizontal circulating air supply mode, making cold air enter into IT equipment in the shortest distance and avoiding the loss of air flow. At the same time, horizontal circulating air supply mode solves the problem of large temperature difference in the top and bottom of IT cabinet caused by under inlet air and upper return air. It realizes the high density application of rack.

Special Chapter of Reliability

Waterproof design: since the founding of data center, water damage has been always upsetting people. The water collector installed in the bottom of precision air conditioning can draw the condensate water that may arise to the outlet appointed by customer through drain pipe.

Fire prevention design: in accordance with article 3.1.4 of GB50222-95 Fire Protection Standard of Building Internal Decoration and Design, large and medium-sized electronic computer room, master control room, telephone exchange room and other rooms that place special equipment,whose ceilings and walls should adopt grade A decoration materials, and ground and other decoration should adopt materials that no less than grade B1. All decoration materials used in this project can meet requirements. In the meantime, monitoring and fire protection system are linkages. Set up fire alarm system, founding fire alarm timely.

Access control system: the access control system is installed in entrance and exit gate. Set entrance and exit permissions, managing personnel in and out.

360 degree cameras and surveillance: there are two high definition dome cameras inside the container, implementing surveillance and video in 360 degree for the interior of container. The video documents retention time is no less than 30 days.

Linkage security and protection system: in the case of fire, the linkage exit and entrance controlling system releases electronic lock automatically.

Rapid deployment: different from traditional data center which was built in engineering way, the container data center was built in factory customized way. It can be used when connect to power and optical fiber.

With the basic design concepts of flexible move, rapid deployment and modularization, and integrate the data center into container through unique design of concentrated heat dissipation, power supply and management, the in-cloud container data center of Inspur has significant advantages compared with traditional data center, no matter in building cost, deployment efficiency or in energy consumption

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