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Shandong Mobile: How is a Model Project Developed?


General Descriptions: senior management of China Mobile highly acclaimed the network administration integrated cloud platform that Inspur designed during visit to Shandong Mobile. They believed that the success of the integrated cloud platform marks leadership of Shandong Mobile in cloud computing within the Group.

Senior management of China Mobile highly acclaimed the network administration integrated cloud platform that Inspur designed during visit to Shandong Mobile. They believed that the success of the integrated cloud platform marks leadership of Shandong Mobile in cloud computing within the Group.

China Mobile is obligated to guarantee civil communication and also protect national communication and information security. As a critical sector that features high data concentration and relates to national economy and people’s livelihood, information safety issue is increasingly emphasized. In this context, the Network Administration Center of Shandong Mobile started information system development long ago but encountered many problems in the beginning, including complicated business structure, difficult management and difficult information sharing. In order to address these problems, Inspur customized the network administration integrated cloud solution for Shandong Mobile to satisfy customer needs. Other than providing cloud data center product to support Shandong Mobile’s network administration integrated cloud architecturally, Inspur also relies on Yunhai OS to integrate and manage the cloud data platform resources. Inspur’s solution not only settles the problems of complicated structure and low efficiency, but also offers a feasible solution to information safety protection as it is a totally localized solution. Success of the network administration integrated cloud project allows Shandong Mobile to gain leadership in cloud computing within the Group.

Complicated and Inefficient System: Conventional Platform Needs Upgrading

Shandong Mobile Network Administration Center has complicated businesses. Its smart telephone service network administration, general resource, smart network platform, customer support, general monitoring, proxy maintenance and management, network test platform, Internet end-to-end testing, WLAN, signal monitoring platform, data network administration and other conventional architecture information systems become “isolated information islands” due to lack of a general and integrated network administration system and disintegrated architecture. As such, further improvement on network administration, operational maintenance and network optimization work is affected.

In order to solve the foregoing problems, Shandong Mobile determines to turn the chimney-type manual scheduling mode of various service network administrations into an integrated network administration cloud platform characterized by resource sharing, uniform scheduling and automatic deployment. For this purpose, Shandong Mobile decides to facilitate its pace of transformation towards cloud data center and has formulated the initial cloud computing platform development plan with an aim to migrate its network administration business onto a virtual platform for united distribution and management and to increase network administration resource utilization ratio and the efficiency of network administration, operation and maintenance.

Shandong Mobile expects to settle the following hard problems, increase the utilization ratio of network administration resources, improve operating and maintenance efficiency and bring diversified benefits through development of network administration center integrated cloud platform:

1. Network Administration Center has many applications which can’t be collectively managed. The Network Administration Center of Shandong Mobile has many applications, including smart telephone service network administration, general resource, smart network platform and customer support, which are managed in an inefficient manner. The new system is expected to realize uniform management of the applications;

2. Unreasonable resource distribution results in wastes of many resources. Conventional purchasing mode is characterized by close coupling of applications and hardware so that lots of hardware is left out of use and wasted. The new platform is expected to allow dynamic scheduling of resources and hence increase the utilization ratio of resources;

3. How to realize the rapid launching of services and improve operational and maintenance efficiency: it takes a long time to deploy new businesses based on the existing system and the maintenance and upgrading work is rather troublesome. It is hard problem for the operating and maintenance personnel to simplify the business launching and upgrading process.

4. Existing data center has a high energy consumption and it is necessary to reduce energy consumptions via a new architecture: current data center has diversified hardware resources and the energy consumptions are high each year. The new technical architecture is expected to reduce energy consumptions and save expenditures.

Inspur Strives to Find Solutions to Difficult Problems

The Network Administration Center of Shandong Mobile needs transformation towards a cloud data center. How to turn the chimney-type manual scheduling mode of various service network administrations into an integrated network administration cloud platform characterized by resource sharing, uniform scheduling and automatic deployment? Inspur mainly faces three problems:

1. Existing mode of the Network Administration of Shandong Mobile is “UNIX small computer + database”. Shandong Mobile expects to gradually transplant the applications onto X86 platform. How can the present mode be stably transferred to X86 platform?

2. The data center needs to guarantee data safety and prevent data leakage arising from network attack or other reasons. How to protect data safety and avoid network attacks?

3. After applications of the original system are migrated to the new data center, it is necessary to realize the collective scheduling and dynamic expansion of the resources of the whole center and guarantee high availability. How to realize the flexibility and high availability of the whole data center after the migration?

Inspur Solution Realizes Integration

In order to satisfy the needs of Shandong Mobile, Inspur conducted an accurate analysis of the network administration businesses and hardware architecture of Shandong Mobile and formulated an integrated fully-localized solution for Shandong Mobile so as to promote the use of cloud computing technology and development of cloud computing platform:

1. X86 server virtualization technology is a mature technology and actively promote the virtual applications on X86 platform;

2. Inspur provides a fully-localized solution for Shandong Mobile, including domestic servers and domestic networks and storages, so that there is a high level of safety;

3. Virtualization technology is adopted to collectively manage distributed isomeric storage equipment and increase storage utilization ratio and horizontal scalability. Meanwhile, virtualization technology can also safely isolate different applications to avoid network attacks and guarantee data safety;

4. UNIX virtualization technology is bundled with equipment manufacturers and therefore isomeric management is impossible. It is recommended to use dynamic zoning technology to increase the flexibility of resource scheduling and control.

The integrated cloud platform is designed in a modular way. Inspur divides the whole platform into three different functional zones, i.e. management platform zone, core production zone and external interconnection zone. The whole integrated cloud platform is furnished with 30 servers. The servers will be deployed in different zones according to user access features and different applications.

The management platform zone comprises the cloud computing management platform and HA virtual management platform. Two (32-core, 128G memory) servers are for the installation of Yunhai OS, erection of a cloud computing management platform and distribution and visual monitoring, control and management of the general resources of cloud platform. The other server is used to realize high-availability virtualization. Other mainframes (48-core, 192G internal memory) are classified into core production cluster and external interconnection cluster. These two clusters are adopted to support network administration services that include telephone service, transmission and data network. Each cluster is configured with one backup server for the purpose of redundancy.

Inspur zoning is expected to realize different functions or deploy different applications so that the whole platform architecture is scalable, flexible and highly available.

Real Integration to Fully Release the Potentials of Cloud Computing Platform

In order to enable the department administrator to allocate system resources of different service levels according to the operating needs of the service personnel, Inspur has established the IT system on the basis of Yunhai OS. Operation and IT will be fully separated to realize macroscopic scheduling, control and distribution of system resources in a real sense.

Yunhai OS can set different administration authorities according to working needs via a uniform management platform so that the cloud platform can respond to and deploy resources according to the construction needs of the network administration operating system of Shandong Mobile. It used to take several days or weeks to deploy and update the work. But it only takes a couple of minutes today so that the work efficiency is substantially improved. Moreover, cloud platform will automatically distribute additional computing resources to applications according to the dynamic resource balancing of the whole resource pool, hence realizing hot-plug of the new server in a real sense.

Yunhai OS can convert the physical resources of server into a pool-type computing unit that allows dynamic distribution. It can classify appropriate service computing units according to actual needs and more evenly balance I/O loads between storage and network resources so as to increase the utilization ratio of resources. Yunhai OS can reduce the number of physical servers by more than half through resource scheduling and circulation, hence substantially reducing the area of machine room and the accessories facilities in the machine room, saving energies and reducing emissions.

Other than increasing efficiency, Inspur integrated solution can better increase system reliability and error tolerability, guarantee 7x24h uninterrupted operations and avoid information system interruption due to system breakdown and other problems through cloud computing and other new technologies.

The integrated cloud platform based on Yunhai OS has substantially higher efficiency, scalability and reliability than the original system. The success of integrated cloud platform of Shandong Mobile fully releases its potentials in computing applications and marks its leadership in cloud computing application ability within the Group.

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