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Inspur virtual desktop cloud solution – establishing a flexible and efficient office platform


General descriptions: Inspur desktop cloud solution is an end-to-end integrated virtual desktop solution. It collectively deploy computing and storage resources in the data center machine room and converts physical resources into virtual resources via virtualization technologies. It is possible to access the personal desktop and various applications in the cloud via a lean client or any other device connected to the network. Meanwhile, the user experiences are the same as those of a conventional PC and the user data safety is further enhanced.

Inspur desktop cloud solution is applicable for a plurality of scenes, e.g. company office, branch, call center and other application scenes. It can help the client to solve IT management problems and establish a flexible and efficient office platform.

Project background

With the expansion of enterprise network and increasing diversification of applications, IT infrastructures have become one of the important factors that affect enterprise development. The enterprise operation and the acquisition, processing and application of many relevant data more and more depend on the application of information technology. The enterprise needs to keep providing more and more specific and individualized products and services. The customer needs to acquire more and more customer-oriented products and service experiences.

Challenges facing the enterprise:

Numerous terminals:

High management costs:

Lowly efficient management:

Safety hazard:

Low resource utilization ratio:


Inspur desktop cloud solution places the routine office desktop of the user onto the cloud via virtualization technology. The user can access the user desktop via any device anywhere and any time, hence increasing the office efficiency of the user. The user desktop is collectively placed in the cloud so that the administrator can collectively manage, distribute and maintain the user desktops, hence increasing the administrator’s management and control of user IT facilities.

Lean terminal

Lean terminal is the device for use of desktop cloud. It is normally a device which is embedded with an independent operating system and can be connected to the desktop running on the server via various types of protocols. In order to fully utilize existing resources and maximize the application of IT assets, the architecture also supports some renovations of the conventional desktop and installation of some plug-ins so that they can also be connected to the desktop running on the server.

Network access

Desktop cloud provides various types of access modes for the user. The user can be connected via cabled or wireless network which may be an LAN or WAN. The connection may be an ordinary connection or a safe connection.

Cloud computing management server

Cloud computing management server can configure the server that runs a virtual desk, e.g. configuring network connection, storage device, etc. A cloud computing management server may also monitor some basic performance indexes of the server in operation, e.g. use of internal memory and utilization ratio of CPU.


An enterprise-level application solution must have a safety control solution. User authentication and authorization is comparatively important in the safety solution. In a desktop cloud, user authentication and authorization is conducted via Active Directory or LDAP. These products can add and delete user, set password, set role, award different role authorities and modify user authorities with these products.

Operating system or application

In some special application scenes, e.g. the user is an operator of call center, normally the same standard desktop is adopted and there is basically no need to modify it. in such a context, cloud desktop architecture provides desktop and application via shared service mode. In this way, more services are available on a certain server.

Application server

In a desktop cloud solution, various applications are more usually distributed to the virtual desktop so that the customer only needs to connect to one desktop to use all applications as if these applications were installed on the desktop. In this architecture, the user has completely the same experiences as they have on a conventional desktop.

Customer value

A desktop cloud has many business values. Other than the ready access to desktop, it also has the following important business values:

Lower total cost (TCO)

Many applications are running on an independent physical server when the resources are not fully used so that the investments are wasted. Inspur desktop cloud allows the user to integrate its multiple application systems into one hardware platform to substantially reduce the software, hardware and maintenance costs.

Desktop hardware is standardized and total costs of desktop computing is reduced by as much as 45% via centralized management and elimination of the IT architecture of remote office.

Higher work efficiency

Inspur desktop cloud can increase the work efficiency of the developers and QA personnel. The system developers can shorten the downtime and turnover period by executing tests on an isolated virtual machine.

Higher safety

Before implementation of the desktop cloud technology, it normally takes 1 to 2 days to replace the hardware if any hardware is in trouble on the desktop. If the server that runs a virtual system has any hardware trouble, the user environment can be rapidly resumed and the system reliability increased with the help of the system protection mechanism of cloud computing.

System upgrading and migration and smooth transition

A desktop virtualization solution can reduce costs and efficiently satisfy the needs for massive desktop system deployment and application integration and realize the smooth migration of the original system and the application system to the new system while rendering the excellent performances of new-generation server hardware.

Improve management and control and increase business flexibility and user flexibility

Desktop cloud can adapt to ever-changing application needs. Desktop cloud management enables collective management of all desktops of the data center and adjusts the desktops of new users, departments or offices. Where any new desktop user or user group is to be added, the user accesses multiple desktop environments from a single client and provides the same experiences for all users from any position of the network. The administrator can save or reject any inactive desktop environment instantaneously to recycle resources and for any other purposes immediately.

Increase data protection ability

The administrator only needs to observe the backup strategy of the data center in order to ensure reliable desktop backup. The independence of hardware of the virtual machine substantially simplifies the desktop recovery work. Moreover, the work of data safety protection is simplified as all data are left in the data center.

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