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Inspur cloud container data center assists Tianjin to develop a digital ecological smart city


General descriptions: Inspur cloud container data center integrated solution offers an integrated solution to the user and enjoys certain advantages in efficacy, deployment density and mobility. As a pilot district jointly developed by China and Singapore, Tianjin China-Singapore Ecological City is expected to comprise smart government, digital environmental platform, public smart visual service platform, digital city administration system, smart E-government platform, public GIS service platform and other applications. The construction period will be long if the conventional data center mode is adopted. With the Inspur container data center solution, the infrastructures and business applications can be rapidly launched online in 2 months.

Project background

With the continuous development of informatization in recent years, the informatization level of the Tianjin China-Singapore Ecological City has been increasingly continuously and the scale of application platform also keeps expanding. With the continuous progress of Tianjin China-Singapore Ecological City as a “digital ecological smart city”, the demands for IT hardware and the demands for the supportive platform of the system applications of various organs have increased sharply. The machine room of the existing data center of the city’s administration committee can no longer support the expansion of new equipment or new system application platform. The Information Building will be launched into operation in 2014. As such, it is imminent to build an interim data center that can satisfy the city’s increasing demands for informatization application supportive platform in the next 2 years.

Demand analysis

The cloud computing supportive platform of Tianjin China-Singapore Ecological City is expected to satisfy the long-term planning of the data center’s infrastructure and the growth goal of the application system. It will also provide all-around, reasonable and fast cloud computing services to various departments of the city. Inspur has offered a perfect solution which comprises two parts. The first part is the planning and design of cloud container. The second part is design of the general system application hardware and software platform. After the two parts of planning are completed, the cloud container data center will provide governmental affair and application monitoring services to the city.

Planning and design of cloud containers

The existing platform conditions and the future development conditions are considered in the planning and design of the cloud container project. The container-type data center integrates the mainframe room area, auxiliary area, supporting area and administration area in one container data center and achieves a density which is hardly available to a conventional data center machine room. As such, the application development of the data center in the next two years can be realized in a limited space.

Basic hardware platform design

According to the application requirements of the city, the hardware platform is divided into two regional platforms, i.e. monitoring cloud platform and E-government cloud platform. The monitoring cloud platform is primarily the hardware platform base of the network monitoring system of the city and it can be flexibly expanded to satisfy the future development needs of the client. The E-government cloud platform primarily provides basic applications to various departments of the administration committee, including office system, application test system, core business platform system and special application system.


The whole system platform comprises two application systems, including E-government cloud platform system and monitoring cloud platform system, which provide application platform supporting services to the city.

In the E-government cloud system supporting platform, 10 2U servers are designed as the basic physical server virtual resource pool of the system platform and high-end Inspur AS1000G3 storage is provided as the storage resource pool of the E-government cloud platform. they are interconnected via the optic fiber switch. In order to guarantee the general safety of the resource pool, storage mirror image design is performed to create the data image between storages. When the main storage is down, it can be switched to the mirror storage which can still provide applications to the server resource pool

In the monitoring cloud system supporting platform, 10 2U servers are similarly designed as the basic physical server virtual resource pool and one high-end Inspur AS1000G3 storage is provided as the storage resource pool. Meanwhile, Yunhai OS2.0 is deployed to form the system resource pool at the monitoring end to guarantee the safety and reliability of the monitoring system.

Customer values

Establishing a modular data center via cloud computing has gradually become the mainstream mode of data center development. As the base of data center, cloud containers will also gradually become increasingly recognized by people.

Customer benefits from cloud container data center:

1. Economic: in the same space of data center, six times more basic hardware facilities can be deployed than a conventional machine room, hence substantially increasing the utilization ratio of spaces.

2. Energy efficient: the casing is designed with the latest machine room optimization technology and its power consumption is substantially reduced compared with a conventional data center. According to a comparison of the city’s anticipated development mode and the cloud container development mode, a cloud container data center can save electricity in a value of over 300,000 Yuan each year.

3. Convenient: the system application platform can be rapidly deployed. According to the customer’s local conditions, the platform system can be completed in 3 to 4 months.

4. Recycling: the mobility of the cloud container data center brings great convenience to the construction of the human resource development center.

Customer benefits from the cloud computing platform:

1. High utilization ratio of resources: a single physical server runs several virtual machines and corresponds to several operating systems and therefore the computing and storage resources of the server can be effectively utilized.

2. Effective elimination of system safety hazard: lots of old and dilapidated servers are rejected to guarantee hardware reliability. “Virtual infrastructure solution” and “backup solution” are adopted to effectively guarantee data safety; platform services are integrated in the data center and managed by professionals so that artificial hazards are eliminated.

3. Effective saving of spaces

4. Effective reduction of power consumptions and operating costs of machine room: the operating costs can be reduced by 70% to 80% through virtual integration of two-way servers, including cabinet, network cable, power consumption, air conditioning and human resource costs of the data center.

5. Convenient management and higher efficiency: where the machine room has new applications to be deployed, there is no need to purchase new servers. The data center can provide and deploy server computing resources for relevant applications within a short period of time. the server deployment time is on an hour to minute level and the server reconstruction and application loading time is between 20-40 hours and 15-30 hours. Hardware maintenance used to take several days/weeks of preparations and 1 to 3 hours of maintenance. But hardware maintenance and upgrading is possible without downtime now.

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