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Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics — Optoelectronic Information


Project Background

Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics is an important constituent of the national scientific and technological innovation system. It is also the birthplace of the innovation of “Wuhan - Optics Valley of China” and the place of origin of proprietary intellectual properties. The Laboratory aims to engage in basic research in application backgrounds to satisfy national strategic needs. It engages in strategic, forward-looking research work on frontier scientific sectors and provides strong support to the sustainable development of national economy and society, and seeks to resolve critical scientific problems in the development of the national optoelectronic industry.

In view of the national strategic needs and regional economic development, the laboratory established nine disciplines and entities for technical support and services, namely in basic optoelectronics, integrated optoelectronic device and nanometer manufacturing, laser science and technology, optical communication and network, optoelectronic measurement and control technology and instrument, optoelectronic data storage, biomedical photonics, organic photoelectronics, advanced optoelectronic materials and energy photoelectronics. The subjects covered by the laboratory include optoelectronics and information technology (optical engineering, electronic science and technology, computer science and technology, information and communication engineering, biomedicine and mechanical engineering).


Analysis of application features

The client engages in several research fields, including optoelectronic data, biomedicine and mechanical engineering and has an enormous workforce. Massive data loads will be generate in the course of research and therefore it is necessary to provide a massive storage for all test and simulation data. Meanwhile, the software necessitates stringent requirements on the storage I/O bandwidth during simulative computation. It is therefore necessary to provide one high-end and systematic storage solution. Considering the complexity of user applications and different hardware requirements of various applications, the final cluster has to satisfy the diverse computing needs of different users. The user has numerous classrooms and requires accessibility to the cluster and submission of computing tasks via the Ethernet in each classroom.

Solution introduction

One high-performance small-size cluster is configured with 20 blade nodes, 1* 8-way fat node, 2 management login nodes and one Infiniband high-end storage device to fulfill the user’s high-computational demands.

As the user application requires massive data storage, Inspur TSExastor parallel storage system is adopted which comprises 2 element data processing nodes, 8 high-end data processing nodes and 30 high-capacity data processing nodes. Based on the configuration of 500 hard disks, spaces are also reserved for expansion of over 400 hard disks.

Customer Benefits

The TS10000 system satisfies the user’s demands for massive data storage in the next couple of years and provides enormous room for expansion so that the user can achieve seamless expansion of the storage system in the future. The computing system comprising blades and fat nodes can fulfill the differential requirements on computing resources by different tasks of the user and improve the user’s scientific research strength in material design, biomedicine and nanometer devices.

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