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Jilin Provincial Meteorological Bureau — Weather Forecast


Project Background

As the Chinese saying goes, “the weathers are never predictable”. Considering the ever-changing nature of weather conditions that are closely related to people’s livelihoods, humankind has diligently researched and explored weathers since time immemorial. Amid socio-economic development, the government, the society and the public have developed higher requirements on weather forecasts and services. In particular, some special meteorological tasks require the forecaster to provide regular and quantitative accurate weather forecast and services. The use of high-performance computer can increase the accuracy of weather forecasts and provide basic support to artificial change of weather conditions.

To meet the requirements of establishing, commissioning and operating short-term forecast service system and medium and short-term forecast service system in WRF mode in the drainage area of Songliao Drainage Area and Jilin Province, Jilin Provincial Meteorological Bureau needed to purchase a high-performance computing cluster system to for its R&D and operation of “near-term development plan of numerical forecast R&D and operation”.


Analysis of application features

Modern weather forecasts require the generating of numerical forecast to ensure effective implementation and stable operation. However, the numerical mode is typically characterized by enormous scale and high accuracy. As such, the high-performance computer becomes the pillar of modern meteorological research. Medium-scale forecast mode (MM5, WRF, GRAPES and AREMS) involves surprisingly massive computation load. The features of weather forecast also demands timeliness to the extreme. Therefore, the mode must complete the computation within the designated period (typically not more than 2 hours). Meanwhile, the intensive communication loads between CPUs in this mode requires the use of ultra-fast computing network.

Solution introduction

As the leading player in the domestic server and HPC sector, Inspur has accumulated a wealth of experience in the application of HPC. In order to help the client enhance its research capacity to serve the public, Inspur HPC experts have carefully analyzed the application needs and recommended a multitude of advanced technologies. The high-performance Tiansuo TS10000 cluster system based on the latest Intel 22nm Xeon processing technique is expected to serve HPC users with world-leading technologies and provide them with a highly efficient and stable scientific computing platform.

High-performance: latest Intel Ivybridge processor technology is adopted to achieve a peak CPU speed of 30.4 TFLOPS and fully satisfy the requirements on real-time weather forecast.

Highly isomeric: the system is furnished with 72 dual-way generic blade nodes and two super high-performance eight-way fat computation graphic nodes for foreground and background processing of meteorological data and super-fast computation in a special mode.

High throughput: the leading massive storage technology is adopted and the Inspur AS3000 high-bandwidth storage platform is configured to guarantee 4GB/s storage bandwidth. Meanwhile, AS3000’s design can accommodate dynamic expansion according to actual needs to protect user’s investments.

High efficiency: Inspur Cluster Engine uniform cluster service platform fully achieves the monitoring, management, alarm and operation dispatching of cluster. Through customization of operational template and work flows, it also provides substantial improvement to system resource utilization ratio and operating efficiency.

High integration: the procurement project is performed as a whole and Inspur implements this project on a turnkey basis and undertakes all works spanning machine room design, system design and application optimization aimed at providing high-quality services to the user.

Customer Benefits

Jilin Provincial Meteorological Bureau is a provincial level meteorological computation application platform which provides meteorological research and forecast services. The combined laboratory of meteorological forecast mode application and HPC, which is jointly established by Inspur, Jilin Provincial Meteorological Bureau and the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the CAS, is expected provide bring greater value to the clients.

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