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Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting — Petroleum Exploration


Project Background

The Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting under PetroChina (hereinafter referred to as BGP) is a majority-stake subsidiary of PetroChina for professional services.

BGP is a multinational corporation which specializes in geophysical prospecting and offers services in geophysical prospecting, diversified development, tourist reception and public undertakings. It engages in domestic and overseas terrestrial and offshore seismic survey, general physical and chemical ore mining, processing and explanation, technology, equipment and product R&D, technology import, product sale, domestic and overseas technical project contracting and labor export relating to geophysical (geochemical) prospecting. Indeed, BGP has become a famous brand in the global sector of geophysical technical services.

For the purpose of petroleum exploration, the original source of earthquake needs to be acquired manually. A radio detector is installed at the detection points distributed near the source of earthquake to regularly collect a series of pulse signals and original seismic wave signals. The massive data are input into the supercomputer and seismic data processing software such as Paradigm, CGG, OMEGA, Landmark and GeoEast are run to generate an earthquake section drawing through routine processing and pre-iteration offset. Subsequently, highly experienced geological experts analyze the seismic section drawing to obtain the conditions of stratum formation in order to obtain the criteria for identification of petroleum natural gas reservoirs.


Analysis of Application Features

The processing of seismic data involves massive data load, computation load and communication load and therefore imposes very high requirements on the storage capacity, computing capacity and I/O communication capacity of the computer. This is the sector where a high-performance computer has advantages.

Inspur develops the high-performance platform according to the following principles in response to the super-high requirements of BGP solution:

1.High performance: the computation node is established with the latest Inspur server platform based on SandyBridge processor characterized by dual-channel rack computation node, core 10G computing network and core 1G management network.

2.Energy efficiency: the computation node has an energy-efficient power supply which can reduce electricity consumption by more than 20% each year.

3.Ease of use: the cluster is configured with easily-operable cluster management system for the convenience of remote management.

4.High scalability: high-performance computing has infinite requirements on computing capacity. The system shall satisfy certain scalability requirements and shall be easily scalable.

Solution Introduction

This solution harnesses Inspur Tiansuo TS10000 to establish BGP high-performance computing platform cluster system. The technically open IA architecture computing node and Intel Xeon 22nm SandyBridge eight-core processor are adopted for the solution and high-speed 10G Ethernet is adopted as the computing network. The completed high-performance platform will be used for applications such as petroleum exploration and petroleum reservoir simulation.

In this project, the system mainly comprises 128 dual-way computing nodes and 8 dual-way IO nodes. The completed high-performance computing system offers high-performance computing capacity in a peak speed of 42.6 trillion and satisfies the user’s needs for affordable high-performance computing. The node system is furnished with Inspur’s energy-efficient server to reduce the subsequent investments substantially. to guarantee the system’s stable operation in a stringent environment, highly stable and reliable rack servers are specially selected for the system.

System topolog

High performance: the system node unit is furnished with the latest Intel 32nm SandyBridge eight-core CUP, energy-efficient DDR3 memory and enterprise-level SAS hard disk; cutting-edge core switch is adopted for the computing network to improve the parallel efficiency of the system substantially.

Simultaneous application and development: Inspur provides a GPU work team to assist in the transplantation from application to GPU.

Ease of use: for convenient routine use, all node units are installed with an easily operable Linux system. Coupled with the management, monitoring and alarm features of Inspur TS10000 monitoring software, the whole system can achieve remote operation and management.

High scalability: an open cluster architecture is adopted so that the system is easily scalable. The node units can be expanded according to actual needs and the system can be seamlessly expanded.

Customer benefits

During the early stage survey of the project, Inspur provided BGP with state-of-the-art technologies and the best methods of application optimization and measurement throughout the entire process. The test results have been excellent and were highly acclaimed by the experts. Various needs have been given full consideration in the solution design and Inspur finally won the customer's recognition.

Inspur BGP project list

PetroChina BGP Research Institute Processing Center 512 CPU cluster

BGP overseas station 128 CPU cluster

BGP Kuerle 128 CPU cluster

BGP R&D Center eight-channel cluster

BGP Dunhuang 128 CPU cluster

BGP Venezuela station CPU+GPU PSTM cluster

BGP Huabei Branch 128 CPU cluster

BGP Renqiu Branch 256CPU cluster

BGP overseas station 128 CPU cluster

BGP Research Institute Processing Center 278 CPU cluster

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