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Biological Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences — Biological Data


Project Background

The Biological Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academic of Sciences (CAS) is China's national research institute for life sciences with a focus on protein science with neurology, and cognitive science. It is home to the National Key Laboratory of Biological Macromolecule and the National Key Laboratory of Brain and Cognitive Science. In December 2006, the Institute established the National Laboratory of Protein Science upon the approval of the Ministry of Science and Technology in December 2006. The research sector of protein science spans eight major research sectors, namely 3D structure and features of protein, biological membrane and membrane, protein translation and folding, protein interaction network, molecular basis of infection and immunization, molecular basis of sensory perception, protein and polypeptide drugs as well as new technologies and methods of protein research.

The Institute establishes a high-performance platform for automatic data capture, analysis and computation of protein sciences as a shared computational resource to support its research and application in protein science. There are diverse applications with different application features. Therefore, it is a major challenge to the HPC manufacturer to design the system according to the different application features.


Analysis of Application Features

Based on full understanding of the customer's needs and leveraging on Inspur's years of experience in providing high-performance applications, Inspur specially launched the high-performance Tiansuo TS10000 cluster system based on the Intel Xeon 5600 processor with the latest 32nm processing technique and brand-new Intel micro-architecture (code Westmere).

Moreover, this cluster is configured with 8-way Nehalem EX server, mono-accuracy GPGPU computing node, dual-accuracy GPGPU computing node and other featured products in order to better satisfy the needs of the diverse applications for the client.

For the computing network, the 10Gb core computing network and QDR IB computing network are adopted to satisfy different requirements of different applications on the network performance.

Two featured solutions are provided for storage. This cluster is characterized by outstanding computing performance, leading power control, convenient and easy monitoring and management system, open and scalable system, and well-established service system.

Furthermore, the widely acclaimed Inspur high-performance cluster training service system is an additional asset to this project as it alleviates users' concerns.

Solution Introduction

The original data pretreatment computing node is furnished with NX7140N blade server and 2×Intel Xeon X5650(2.66GHz) /6.4GT/12M/1333 6-core processor whose computing capacity is 50% higher than that of a 4-core product of the same main frequency. To satisfy the customer's requirements for application memory, Inspur provided 12 cores at each pretreatment computing node, 3GB memory for each kernel and 36GB DDR3 memory in total so as to maximize the performances of the dual-channel six-core node.

Additionally, the disk array of the storage system utilizes the latest 8Gb optical fiber storage product AS500G3, which has higher bandwidth and better IO reading/writing applications compared with the 4Gb product. A bandwidth of 150MB/s can be achieved with 2 IO nodes.

The high-performance computing part mainly comprises 100 blade computing nodes, 1 thick node and 8 GPU computing nodes. For the sake of system management and use, 1 WEB node, 1 management node and 2 login and operation release nodes are furnished; 1 linear QDR 40Gb Infiniband computing network is furnished for 20 high-speed interconnected blade computing nodes; 1*10Gb core and 1Gb linear computing network is furnished for all nodes; the software system deployed in the cluster system is also provided. Also, a parallel file system and a storage integration product Ceresdata D-Fusion 5600 are provided for storage and to satisfy the system’s requirements on high IO bandwidth.

Customer Benefits

Inspur's vast experiences in solution integration, professional services and quality products have helped customers establish confidence in its stringent and practical work attitude and advanced, quality products. Customers have complimented Inspur's highly professional work ethics. Indeed, Inspur fully grasps the customers' actual demands and is thus able to advice on the products and solutions most suitable for its customers' specific needs.

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