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Inspur Enterprise Cloud Platform


I. Solution Overview

Under the general guideline of Inspur Group’s cloud strategy, Inspur GS enterprise management solution adapts to the market trend and makes a full upgrade to provide a group enterprise with an all-round private cloud solution based on “cloud+terminal”. This solution revolves around enterprise cloud platform building and provides an integrated solution from the cloud data center (IaaS) to Platform (PaaS) to Application (SaaS). On the basis of the traditional enterprise management solution, this new solution contains the CSP cloud application middleware, electronic commerce cloud platform and a commerce intelligent analysis cloud platform (BI application center) to fully embrace the new challenges to enterprise management int the cloud era.

II. Solution Architecture

Inspur Group Management Solution provides an all-round private cloud solution that group enterprise. The core of the solution is the “cloud”, in which, the I layers is the cloud data center, the P layer is the supporting platform of the cloud service, which conducts the automated management of virtualized resources of the cloud. In the S layer, the application layer, in addition to the traditional group management ERP product, new electronic sales platform for distributors, electronic purchase cloud platform for suppliers and intelligent commerce cloud application service products are increased; the periphery is the “terminal” contents, which provide the portal system, which supports the distributors’ clients to processes online order operations, information inquiry, and the suppliers to manage the bids and order through the cloud purchase platform; the terminal’s forms include the desktop applications and mobile applications, for example, the terminals can provide the users with the analysis and pre-warning services through the smart phone they hold.

III. Solution Value

More effective resource utilization

The dynamic management of resource will bring the resources into full play, realize the full resource sharing, and reduce energy consumption and cooling costs.

Simplify the management, reduce the maintenance costs.

Reduce the IT staff’s learning costs by shielding the complexity of the layers.

More effective management

Realize the strategic management of groups through the GS group enterprise cloud platform.

Through the cloud analysis and mining of the value of enterprise data in the BI field, make clear decisions.

Realize the strategic management of human resource through the eHR filed cloud.

More agile service

The enterprise cloud shields the complexity at the IT bottom layer and allows the enterprise to focus on enterprise innovation.

The industry e-commerce cloud and industry train collaboration cloud creates an information system that penetrates the up and downstream of the industry chain and allows the enterprise to quickly realize the integrated e-commerce.

More flexible IT architecture

Enterprise cloud architecture integrates the heterogeneous devices into abstract virtual resource layers to provide on service on demand and fast delivery, and realizes the dynamic IT. The GSP cloud application middleware realizes the flexible business application development and customization and software service delivery.

Vertical industry overview

Inspur is committed to provide an all-round IT solution for the industry informatization with the cloud computing technology, and realize the automatic controllability of information system to help the effective improvement of vertical management ability and information service.

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