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Shandong Police Service Cloud Solution


In government service informatization, the public security industry informatization is the one with most complicated applications, largest data volume and highest real-time requirements, in which multiple departments are responsible for service construction resulting in such problems as not-unified data center and data integration failures. Inspur has established the Chinese first large-scale police service cloud in Ji'nan and has worked together with police departments of several provinces successively to provide solutions.

Inspur has integrated the IT infrastructure through construction of police service cloud, including hundreds of servers, storage, security and network devices in multiple computer rooms, which significantly reduces the construction of computer rooms and energy consumption, saves costs and makes it easy for maintenance and management.

Cloud Computing Case

Inspur police service cloud solution is based on the "police intranet, Internet, private image network and security access network"; relies on the "storage platform, network platform, security platform, application platform and management platform"; centers on the "command, intelligence, criminal investigation, public security, household administration, network supervision and technical investigation" and other public security applications. Together with the purpose and demand of green data center construction, this solution takes strategy-supportive informatization construction as the orientation, focuses on the development of police service and strives to create a cloud computing center with multiple functions, advanced equipment, efficient operation, flexible usage, convenient maintenance and high security and reliability, which is scalable and saves costs.

In August, 2018, Mr. Meng Jianzhu, the State Councillor and Minister of Public Security at that time, made instructions that: "Ji'nan public security takes full advantages of the police service information platform to response and handle people's demands, which makes convenient for the pubic, improves efficiency and  is recognized widely by the society. This is a creative method blazing new trails! I hope you can keep on researching, sum up experience and usher a new path of handling mass work by means of informatization."

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