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Inspur TianSuo K1 950 System

Inspur TianSuo K1 950 is designed with a modular architecture and a fully redundant technology to fully guarantee flexible deployment of your operational system and the availability of high-performance, highly available and highly efficient IT resources in the best manner. As a strategically important device of informatization and the core service platform of cloud computation, Inspur TianSuo K 1950 helps you to master new opportunities, reduce operational risks and obtain preemptive advantages in competition.

Functional Features

Brand-new architecture and robust performances

Inspur TianSuo K1 950 has a dual-wing expansion coupled structure with multi-faceted interconnection and redundancy and Internet-based 32-channel mono-step expansion to effectively reduce the interconnection delay, enhance system reliability and scalability and lay a solid architecture for high availability of the system.

This architecture lays the foundation for high availability of the system and it is also China’s first PCT design invention patent in key application mainframe architecture, making China the third country which is capable of independent R&D of small-scale application host.

Inspur TianSuo K1 950 has 256 computation cores at the maximum and can easily satisfy the performance requirements of key applications; its 4095GB memory expansion can conveniently support the applications that have stringent requirements on memory.

Continued availability to ensure smooth operation

Inspur TianSuo K1 950 has multiple redundant error tolerance of hardware and software and reliable design on all layers, including bottom-layered chip and module, system administration, operating system and even application. It provides a strong guarantee to the high availability of the operating system which may reach as high as 99.9994%. It also ensures continues and uninterrupted operation of the system and can improve operational continuation and customer satisfaction.

Inspur TianSuo K1 950 provides multiple advanced RAS features, including memory mirroring and hot standby, MCA troubleshooting, dynamic re-distribution, operating system CC-NUMA optimization, out-of-band monitoring and management irrelevant to system status, module hot-plug and redundancy, etc. These features help to increase system availability, allow you to process more jobs and reduce operational downtime.

Redundant design and reliable guarantee

Single-point trouble is the major threat to system reliability. Inspur TianSuo K1 950 has a redundant and hot-plug design in power supply, radiation, interconnection and computation modules so that the failure of any single module won’t affect the continued operation of the system.

Inspur has also launched the Inspur K-HA high-availability cluster software for backup of the nodes and operations of the system and hence realize the automatic detection and transfer of critical operation faults, eliminate single-point fault and guarantee the continuation of core operations.

Combination of software and hardware ensure 7x24h continuous operations.

Stable system available on demand

The K-UX operating system tailor-made for Inspur TianSuo K1 950 has passed the 70,000 test items included in the Unix03 certification of the ISO and hence it becomes the first and only domestic operating system to pass the international UNIX certification. It can provide sound stability and availability for the user.

Only five enterprises, including Inspur, have the ability to develop UNIX operating system in the world.

The multi-kernel-copy technology of Inspur K-UX ensures system stability upon accidental change of the operating system’s core status. The synchronization and high-availability mechanism of core processes helps to reduce the switching time to microsecond level. The virtual operating environment of the drive provides an isolated operating environment for equipment drive and fundamentally addresses the potential threats of bad drives to the system.

Meanwhile, Inspur K-UX operating system has been awarded with the “Computer Information System Safety Product Sales License” by the Ministry of Public Security. It conforms to the safety requirements of domestic safety standards on operating system and guarantees the independent control of the system.

Visual management and command of resources

The well-established fault sensing, diagnosis, isolation and recovery mechanism of Inspur TianSuo K1 950 is the core technology that guarantees high availability of the system. The faults can be rapidly identified through multidimensional fault detection technologies. Coupled with the unique fault management framework of Inspur K-UX operating system, it can realize the smart diagnosis and analysis of common troubles of 120+ software and hardware.

Inspur TianSuo K1 950 has a user-friendly management interface and integrates system summarization, monitoring and administration, resource distribution, diagnosis and other functions so that the administrator can fully administer the system remotely.

Fast partitioning and flexible application

Inspur TianSuo K1 950 provides eight physical partitions at the maximum. Each partition has independent hardware resources. The partition may be deployed with clusters or different applications. Physical partitions are isolated by electric-level hardware and each partition has an independent power supply module and time sequence control to guarantee independent operations of the partition. Partitioning is simple and takes only 3 steps and 5 seconds to complete. Full Chinese display and graphical configurations help to improve management efficiency by over 15%.

Extensive compatibility to guarantee reliable operation

Inspur TianSuo K1 950 is highly and extensively compatible with mainstream peripheral equipment, databases, middleware and applications at home and abroad. It has undergone joint tests and mutual certifications with the products of many other enterprises and can well satisfy the application needs of most clients.

Inspur is committed to close cooperation with more partners of databases, middleware, instrumental software and applications with an aim to jointly promote the development of ecological chain of China’s key application mainframe sector.

Technical Specifications



Max. quantity


4 Intel Itanium 9500 processor modules each with 4/8 kernels

32 Intel Itanium 9500 processor modules each with 4/8 kernels


4 slots

32 slots

Three-layered (L3) cache

32MB at the maximum

32MB at the maximum

Enterprise-level memory

512GB DDR3 ECC at the maximum

4096GB DDR3 ECC at the maximum

Expansion features

I/O expansion

Six PCI-e slots at the maximum, including:

2 PCI-e x16 slots

4 PCI-e x8 slots

Forty-eight PCI-e slots at the maximum, including:

16 PCI-e x16 slots

32 PCI-e x8 slots

Technical features

Operating system

Inspur K-UX

Hardware partitions

Support eight hardware partitions at the maximum

Advanced features

1. Memory mirroring and hot standby

2. MCA fault processor

3. Dynamic redistribution features

4. Hot-plug module

5. Operating system CC-NUMA optimization

6. Out-of-band monitoring and management irrelevant to system status

7. Module redundancy and error tolerance: power supply, fan, interconnection module, etc

Working environment

Working temperature

5--+35 (long-term reliable operation), -10--+45 (short-term operation)

Working humidity

5%-80, non-condensate


Lower than 80dBA

Power supply

Support 380/220V power supply


Standard services

Three-year software and hardware warranty services; original manufacturer engineers provide technical supports

User Manual


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