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Tiansuo Mainframe Applied To CCB’s Core Business Applications


In August, 2010, Inspur Tiansuo K1 Mainframe was used in the Xinjiang Branch of CCB’s intermediate system. Since then the mainframe has been in smooth operation, which set an example of the application of domestic key application mainframes in the core business systems of provincial branches. To ensure the steady operation of the system and to fully exploit the customer’s original devices, the system was launched in batches and Inspur was the first in China to develop a comprehensive solution which adopted the heterogeneous platform and reciprocal backing up. The solution not only improved processing performance, but also ensured the high-reliability of the system, thus establishing an effective means for domestic key application mainframes to enter the field of core applications.

The Architecture of the Heterogeneous Platform and Reciprocal Backing Up

CCB’s intermediary business system is run by a set of Inspur Tiansuo K1 System and a set of IBM minicomputers are used as backup. The system uses Informix as the database, Tuxedo as middleware, and Patrol as monitoring software.  

Application Architecture

The intermediary business system, together with the bank’s counter system and deposit and loan system, is called the bank’s core business system, namely the productive business system. Such kind of business covers a wide range and transactions increase rapidly, which makes it one of the most important running systems for modern banking and especially those provincial branches.

The Xinjiang Branch of CCB’s comprehensive platform for regional business now provide services for 14 secondary branches, nearly 200 offices, more than 3,300 tellers and 20,000 electronic devices. It covers such major transaction and customer service channels as offices, self-service equipment and electronic channels. Transactions a day can reach almost 300,000 deals.

The User’s Words

Zhu Pengpeng, general manager of the IT department of the Xinjiang Branch of CCB, participated in the whole project from its initiation to operation and maintenance. He said, “Since its initiation, Tiansuo K1 System has been in steady operation. There were no malfunctions causing the breakdown of the system. Its performance and stability can totally meet the requirements of business application and is not at all inferior to foreign key application mainframes. Inspur provides professional field service to technically support the operation of the system. Meanwhile, the cost of maintenance is significantly reduced, which created more space for business expansion. I’m very pleased that we chose Tiansuo K1 System, and we are confident about the development of domestic key application mainframes.”

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