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Chinese Langfang City


In 2013, Langfang digital city management system was formally put into use, which signaled that the phased objective of Hebei digital city management was accomplished and Heibei became the first province that established a municipal digital management system. As Langfang is going to play an important role in the integration of Beijing-Tianjing-Hebei regions, the digital city management suffices to support its development in the next five years.

"Smart City" Demands the Assistance of an Upgraded Business System

In order to improve the social management and city management "Smart City," the Langfang has established a digital city management system and has changed the social management from the preventing and controlling mode to the humanized service-oriented mode. Landfang thus became the first city in Heibei that has realized digital management, which substituted the passive management with active service mode, the extensive qualitative type with the intensive quantitative type, changed from the closed management to the open and interactive management, from doing crash job to a long-term management.

Inspur TS K1 Helps the Digital Management System to Upgrade

In 2013, Langfang began to upgrade its digital city management system. In order to procure a stable and secure new system, the city government decided to use Inspur TS K1--a home-made mainframe--to support its central database and promote a smooth upgrade of the original platform.

The digital city management system supported by Inspur TS K1 runs smooth. Now it has covered a built-up area of 600 thousand square kilometers, supervising 7 major parts and 76 minor parts of 132000 city components, supervising 5 major and 50 minor categories of events, and also receiving and dealing with cases. Having 30 terminal units that can work at the same time, the system can supervise and deal with the city problems around the clock. The upgraded platform suffices to support the city development in the next five years. It promotes the city's informatized management and substitutes the passive city management to an active and service-oriented one.

"We Trust the Home-made Inspur Mainframe"

Impressed by the performance of the home-made mainframe Inspur TS K1, Yu Ciyuan, Director of Langfang Bureau of Commerce and Informatization, remarked that: "Inspur TS K1 props up our digital city management system, which since its launch half year ago has run well and meet our business needs sufficiently. As the exported equipment often have the so-called back doors that threaten security, we adopt and trust home-made products. We hope that in the future Inspur can provide us with more and better home-made products!"

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