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Chinese Hubei Tung Wah Group


Hebei Tung Wah Group has recently completed the cloud computing transformation of its information infrastructure.  Thanks to the support of 3 Inspur 8-way servers TS850, a unified cloud computing resource pool has been established, which will harbour most of the applications. After the transformation, all the businesses and resources can be put into a unified management; the infrastructure is made more flexible. There are fundamental changes found in the extension of the former system and deployment of the new system. In addition, the equipment utility, the IT cost and maintenance difficulties are reduced significantly; the information infrastructure of Tung Wah Group has become the paragon of intensive architecture.

Typical Case of Enterprise Hindered by Historical Burdens

Tung Wah Group, founded in October 2003, is a multi-industry trans-regional private enterprise that has integrated research and development, production and, finance and trade. Its head office is situated at Tangshan. It has 4.8 thousand employees and an asset that totals 6.35 billion Yuan. The Group consists of 4 secondary groups, 1 business unit, and 16 member enterprises. It deals with metallurgical mining, iron and steel smelting, and refractory production. The growth of the Group is accompanied by its improvement of information infrastructure, as systems like NC5.7, OA, DPtech UMC and Trend Micro have been installed one by one.

The main entrance to the Tung Wah Group

The Main Entrance to the Tung Wah Group

Since all these systems are installed separately in different physical servers, the accumulation of systems poses a challenge for the operation and management of the data center. In the first place, it is hard for a unified and effective management--as administrators are often beset by repetitive maintenance of hardware and software, many inevitable downtimes and delayed alarm of problems. Furthermore, as resources are not scientifically allocated, some independent servers have a utility rate between 10% and 15%; resources in idle not only take up the space of computer rooms and but also consume energies. What's worse, the strained server resources cannot support tests of some projects. Apparently all these problems are inevitable, considering the technological restraints then.

A Change Begins with Cloud Computing

As the technology of cloud computing matures, it is adopted by enterprises more and more often. Tung Wah Group decided to adopt the technology of cloud computing, in an attempt to realize the unified management of hardware resources and to change the historical burden into valuable assets. By abstracting physical resources and overcoming physical limits, cloud computing makes it possible for enterprise to increase IT efficiency and server utility rate at a relatively small cost. Through cloud computing, less hardware resources and room are needed for multiple application programs. The maintenance and construction of test environment are also made easier.

As Tung Wah now owns multiple application systems that ask for high-performance hardware, and the data transportation from former equipment to new ones, which is expected to finish in one act and allow for future integration and easy management, demands carrier-class stability and correction capacity both in hardware and software, the project needs high-performance servers. After careful comparison and consideration, Tung Wah finally chose Inspur 8-way server TS850 as the bottom physical resource pool, for TS850 exhibited excellent performance, reliability, extensibility and manageability.

Inspur TS850 is the first home-made 8-way server. It possesses extremely high performance, reliability and extensibility, thereby proving fit for central applications like cloud computing, ERP and database. Inspur TS850 can have a maximum extension in a 6U space, tolerating 40 ℃. Besides, as all the key parts of TS850 like fan, battery, hard disk support redundancy and hot swapping, nearly 200 sensors are inserted in it to make up a monitoring system, and its many hardware and software parts can detect and repair faults automatically, TS850 has a multi-layered fault-tolerance. According to statistics, Inspur 8-way server TS850 has a market share of 39%, ranked the first in the industry. Of the 3 high-end 8-way servers sold in China, there is one Inspur TS850.

A Reformed Infrastructure, a Robust Business Assurance

3 Inspur TS850 are used to compose the bottom physical resource pool, with each physical server divided into 10 virtual servers that are deployed in different application systems but support the same one cloud computing platform, thereby guaranteeing the smooth operation of the Group's central business system. Meanwhile, the physical server nodes are connected by two optic-fiber interchangers to the storage array of application servers, and the data originally stored in 2 HP and EVA are transported to the new storages.

Via the smart cloud computing platform that is supported by Inspur TS850, Tung Wah Group has profited in aspects of cost saving, efficiency improving, consumption reduction, space, and management. The great extensibility of TS850 sufficiently meets the Group's need in future development and reduces the cost for extension. Thanks to cloud computing, the number of servers is reduced from 10 to 5; the procurement cost and occupancy are significantly reduced; and new servers are spared for newly added applications. In addition, the smart power management can decrease the server consumption by 30% and thus reduce the operation expense.

A manager of Tung Wah Group said: "The Smart cloud computing platform supported by Inspur TS850 has efficiently solved myriad problems faced by traditional data centers. By promoting the utility rate and the management efficiency, it has made profit for the Group." As the Tung Wah project of information construction has a universal value, the cloud computing technology based on Inspur high-end servers is sure to facilitate the improvement of IT infrastructure and core competitiveness of Chinese enterprises.


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