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The "Chip of China" in the Information and Communication System of the Ministry of Public Security


Abstract: By updating their information and communication system, the Ministry of Public Security has solved chronic problems, and provides technical support for future development, thereby promoting the equipment availability. This project also lays the foundation of system extension and resource allocation in the future. Inspur helps the Ministry manage its information system in a more efficient way, and thus to deliver better services to the public.

With the development of information technology in public security departments, the Ministry of Public Security is in need for a more stable and safer system. Inspur, as the biggest server manufacturer in China, takes this project and upgrades the information and communication system the Ministry of Public Security with more reliable servers and professional technique.

The Ministry of Public Security, being responsible for public security and ensuring a safe community, deals with management of registered residence and ID card, detection of criminals and other issues regarding public security. Cooperating with Inspur, the Ministry renews its information system and upgrades to a much safer data storage center. They are also equipped with a securer headquarter and a more reliable public security network all over the nation.

As for Inspur, which always appreciates independent research and development, success of the project once more proves our professional capacity as a leading IT company in China.

A Safe and Stable System to Support the Informatization of the Ministry

The information center of the Ministry is in the core of the nation's communication network of public security. It is responsible for the nation's information storage, and in charge of other application systems. With the IT development in public security sector and the exponential growth of applications and information, the Ministry of Public Security demands a safer and more stable system. Providing that the original server cannot meet the increasing need of informatization any longer, systems updating appears to be indeed urgent.

Furthermore, as the significance of information security grows, the government carries out relevant policies and proposes more projects, such as de-IOR (Input-Output Register), the authorized office software, and so on to improve the national information security. According to some experts, IT infrastructure is the most important battlefield in this trend, and the most critical security loopholes often occur in basic installation. Therefore, the Ministry feels obliged to update the system with home-made products.

For the Ministry, information security is the soul of informatization.

Considering the trend of using home-made products and the needs of high-performance and reliable facilities, the Ministry finally opted for Inspur as the technical support to the national information and communication system.

"It was a significant sign of the promotion of home-made applications." remarked by some experts.

"Chip of China," Made by Inspur

"With products of Inspur, we supervise the information network of public security in real-time and pay attention to special issues. The success of all these operations owes to the high quality of Inspur." said an officer in the Ministry.

Inspur is always aiming to make products of high standard and excellent quality to meet the customers' needs. When setting up the Internet application system and X86 virtual platform, we adopt the latest Inspur Yingxin NF8460M3 4-way server, which has proved to have balanced performance, high stability and availability in practice.

Inspur NF8460M3 server uses Intel xeon E7 v2 series processors, each of which has 60 computing cores, 120 computing threads and maximum 150MB cache memory. These components significantly enhance the efficiency and enable the whole system to accomplish complicated tasks involving mass data processing and analyzing, such as DNA matching and fingerprint identification. With advanced technology, the Ministry becomes more powerful in handling crimes and maintaining public security.

Particularly, the Ministry requires 24-hour-operation of the server, inevitably increasing the fault rate of vulnerable parts. So another issue we have to consider in replacing wearing parts without disrupting the whole system's work.

To solve this problem, Inspur decides to use modular design, which means making key parts--power supply, system fan and hard disk-- into modules. NF8460M3 server also supports hot-plugging, which allows users to replace the damaged parts without turning off the system or cutting the power. In this way, we enhance the system's quick recovery ability and flexibility in extension. Besides, the information and communication system can be maintained and supervised on-line when spots of failure appear. These characteristics all secure the continuity of system.

When the system is power-on, technicians can check the running condition of the server on LCD (liquid crystal display) without opening the computer case. In this way, the maintenance becomes easier, extra labor is saved and the administration cost is reduced.

Before this project, the Ministry's Internet application did not have a unified structure. Now, we have set up an integrated network of Internet application system.

"We hope to bring technology innovation and revolution to China to let users benefit from all the advanced technologies and applications, and enjoy the enlightenment." said Chen Chen, a product manager from Inspur.

An Upgraded System Safeguarding National Security

Data is essential to the information system, particularly for the Ministry of Public Security.

As the information center monitors all other subsystems in the national security network, any problem here would have wide impact. To ensure the accuracy of daily data transition, the Inspur server uses intelligent computing acceleration technology, which can increase the processing ability when necessary.

With virtual platform X86 and the Internet application system, the Inspur server is possible to control, inquire and track real-time information. In case of urgent situations, the administrator can spot the problems quickly and collect information necessary to recover the system as soon as possible. The smooth communication between the headquarters and other local information systems also allows the monitoring in broader spectrum and promotes more flexible and faster resources allocation. The Inspur server maximizes the performance/price ratio and secures current investment.

"Nowadays, criminals are often equipped with high-tech devices which are difficult to detect, high-tech crimes have become the biggest threats to public security. Therefore, we need a reliable information system, with advanced technology and equipment, to help the authority cope with high-tech crimes and keep a safe community for people." said an officer in the information center.

The update of the information and communication system of the Ministry of Public Security not only solves chronic problems, but also lays the foundation of future developments, coordination and re-organization. With technical services provided by Inspur, the Ministry manages the information system more efficiently in order to better safeguard the nation.