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Case Study Of Hainan E-government Public Platform


Abstract: Using high-performance NF5280M3 server and storage system, Inspur builds an automatic polluter supervisory platform with a more efficient data processing system and easier operation methods. The platform also optimizes investment outcomes by reducing the management and maintenance costs.


Within the trend of informatization, Hainan’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology plans to set up a unified E-government platform within the province. Haikou, Sanya, Yangpu and Chengmai will be in the pilot project. After the launch of platform, 60% of current government businesses are expected to be handled via Internet, and 40 government projects are expected to be evaluated online.

Overall Functions of the Platform

Cities and counties in Hainan will stop developing their own E-government platforms. Instead, the new unified platform will provide citizens in the whole province with civil services and other government information. This project intends to integrate Hainan’s E-government resources, to increase information sharing and cross-department cooperation, and to improve E-government in less developed areas. The new platform will effectively solve maintenance difficulties resulting from technology shortage in some cities and counties, thus reducing the government’s management and maintenance costs. Apart from that, the operations of government grow more transparent through this platform, which changes the surveillance mode from "man-to-man" to "machine-to-man" and "rules-to-man". Hainan E-government Platform is almost completed now, with the hardware installed, the E-government system established, and the data collected. We have also finished the debugging procedure. By far, 60% of current government businesses are expected to be handled via Internet, and 40 government projects are expected to be evaluated online.

Inspur’s Solutions

The figure above demonstrates the topology of hardware architecture. In this project, Inspur provides servers for Hainan E-government Platform and is responsible for system operation and applications maintenance. In respond to the client's requirements, Inspur plans to use a 2-way server, which has the highest performance-price ratio in the industry, as the hardware infrastructure of the system. In order to ensure the performance of data retrieving and processing, Inspur adopts an 8-way server with incomparable efficiency to build the database application system.

The 2-way server NF5240M3 used by Inspur has the highest performance-price ratio in the industry, which fulfills the client's requirements foroutstanding efficiency, high reliability and stability.

Outstanding computing performance: This project adopts Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2400 Product Family (Intel Sandy Bridge), which has larger core and cache, more memory channels, both ensuring the high-standard performance of equipment. The superior large-capacity L3 cache guarantees instant data exchange, and solves problems as fast as possible.

Larger data bandwidth: The memory not only has 12 slots that can extend the capacity to 24GB and improve data transmission efficiency, but also supports DDR3 800/1066/1333MHZ that help boost the performance. Other advanced features such as memory across access, memory mirroring and hot spare also guarantee the speed and security of data transmission.

More powerful data controlling: The hard disk can be extended and set as twenty-four 2.5-inch SAS/SATA hard disks or eight 3.5-inch SATA/SAS hard disks before the production is finalized in factory according to the need of clients. In addition, SAS hard disks support hot swapping and have larger capacity and faster rotate speed. Together with NF5240M3 server that has ultra-large local space, to the hard disks significantly improve data transmission efficiency and data security. The server has a memory of 512 MB. With a high-performance SAS RAID card plugged in, the server realizes RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60, and other higher levels of memory, preventing data loss and meeting the client's needs.

A more reliable system: The battery, system cooler, hard disk, as well as other key parts all support hot swap, allowing users to repair single points of failure without shutdown, thus providing a non-stop application system.

Faster data communication: The Network controller operates at a gigabit speed via integrated IOAT2/VT/VMDQ technologies, and upgrades the I/O network capacities. It also supports virtual applications, and saves processing resources while ensuring non-stop network transmission.

A more flexible architecture: Inspur Ruilian (smart connection) Technology provides users with two bandwidth options, two gigabit and four gigabit. There are also two controllers operating at the speed of 10GbE, thus achieving an ultrafast I/O network. Inspur Ruizhan (smart extension) technology provides ample I/O slots in the narrow space of 2U computer case. There are maximum six standard high-speed PCI expansion slots, two PCI-E3.0*16, three PCI-E3.0*8 and one PCI. They are compatible with old boards, optimizing the outcomes of previous investment to meet users' higher requirements.

Stronger competence of management: NF5240M3 supports advanced management module, and provide comprehensive functions when working together with the latest Inspur Ruijie (smart and quick) server management suite. These functions include long-distant supervision, maintenance, management, and control of the system. Users are able to manage the system with lower costs.

Project Significance

Hainan E-government Platform is the first cooperation between Inspur and Hainan’s Ministry of Industry and Technology Information. The project costs as much as one million. Since Inspur Hainan does not have a tough fiscal goal in 2013, winning the bid has actually accomplished Inspur Hainan’s tasks of the whole year. During the cooperation, Inspur has developed good relationship with Hainan’s Ministry of Industry and Technology Information, whose leader speaks highly of Inspur’s servers NF5240M3 and TS850. A special fund for developing electronic information industry in Hainan has recently been approved by Hainan’s Department of Finance and Ministry of Industry and Technology Information. The fund grants one million to develop the electronic and information industry in Hainan. As positive relationship established between Inspur and the Department, more cooperation is expected in the future.

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