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Inspur E-government Solutions for A Future-oriented Smart Government


Abstract: With several NF5280M3 servers as load-balancing Tissot's web nodes in a web cluster, Inspur builds a working-around-the-clock E-government system. Two high-end 8-way TS850 servers and dual-server hot-standby software BCP are used in vital application platform of the system, while several Inspur 2-way NF5280M3 servers and 4-way NF8560M2 servers are responsible for other E-government applications. AS1000G6 server is applied in the storage, and Inspur virtual tape library uses LAN-Free backup to secure the data. With all these self-developed products, Inspur successfully sets up the E-government website and promotes the informatization in the government management system.

Project Background

Informatization is a trend during global economic and social development in recent years. The level of informatization has always been used to measure the power and competitiveness of a country or an area. Any nation that expects increase of competitiveness will not hesitate to begin the informatization. Nothing but E-government is the prerequisite to economic and social development in an information-equipped nation. E-government projects involve not only the current government system, but also all the aspects of economic and social development. The prevalence of basic information technology asks for better economic management as well as better performance of the government. The "Guidelines on E-government Construction" approved by the State Committee of Informatization in July 2002 clearly defined the principle of E-government construction. The guidance also mentioned the framework of two networks, one station, twelve operation systems and four basic databases. E-government projects focus on informatization at present and in the future, so the government should take the lead to carry out the innovation of informatization.

Demand Analysis

Project Objectives

According to the "Notice of the State Council General Office Forwarding the 'Guidelines on E-government Construction' approved by the State Committee of Informatization", and based on the real situation, we set the following objectives regarding the E-government platform project.

(1) Establishing an integrated system to connect provinces, cities, districts, and counties. Institutes of all levels can communicate with or respond to each other through this platform, which ensure the interactions with the hierarchy.

(2) Regulating the information constructions in different government units

(3) Realizing unified management of information security.

(4) Integrating the resource pools and to maximize the usage of information resources.

(5) Establishing and maintaining the information security system, in which users have access to the entire network once logging in.

(6) Protecting data security through data encryption, authority management and certification authorization; preventing data from being stolen, falsified, peeked and avoiding unauthorized access, imposture and disavowal.

In addition, a terminal supervision system should be built to avoid security breaches caused by back doors.


The E-government system is a website established by government; it is the platform where different departments of the government release information; it also is the window of communication between government and citizens, so the platform has huge amount of visitors every day.

According to requirements of E-government, the system comprises an internal network, an external network and a private network. The figure below demonstrates its typology and framework.

1. A system supporting parallel applications of databases.  Databases remain the central of E-government, and encompass important information about the macro economy, foreign businesses and investments, agricultural development and census. The data is essential in the process of situation analysis and policy making. Thus, to make full use of the databases, a stable system with high performance is needed. So we recommend a database cluster system that supports load balancing and disturbance switching.

2. A web load balancing system of high performance-price ratio. Inspur is the only manufacturer of servers, storages and hardware load balancers in China; it always provides the government with professional web load balancing system of high performance-price ratio.

3. High extensibility. The system can easily be extended in the future and thus maximizing the outcomes of current investment. The system also supports Infiniband technology, which has great potential in the future, achieving the integration of three different systems.

4. Consideration of the security. Security is in the first place in the E-government project. Inspur is experienced in producing securer server and familiar with server performance and network condition monitoring, mandatory access control, security management and security check. So we unify hardware and software to meet the high standard, from underlying hardware like main board and special chip to the upper application software like operating system. Servers provided by Inspur are secure and reliable, providing all-round services.

5. Consideration on storage. Generally speaking, there is no difference between hardware investment in internal network and in external network. Yet, according to the specific condition of one particular network system, there are still three solutions available concerning the storage.

(1) The external network uses ISCSI disk array to decrease investment while the internal network employs SAN optic-fiber storage to pursue higher performance.

(2) Both the external and internal network use high-end optic-fiber storage; meanwhile, LUN technology is used to separate external and internal storage of data.

(3) Both the external and internal network use standard optic-fiber storage.

Significance of Clients

A solution with entirely self-developed products. The solution employs Inspur’s independently-developed products such as servers, storages and load balancers. The components are reliable and ensuring the nation's information security, as the vital equipment and technologies are all free from foreign control.

High usability. Applications in a cluster system keep running even if failures occur, no matter in the front-end web servers cluster or in the back-end databases cluster. With single spots of failure eliminated, the system's usability is remarkably enhanced.

Maturity and stability. Advanced 8-way, 4-way, 2-way servers and high-performance optic-fiber storages make up a highly unified and stable system.

Extensibility. Extensibility is the most evident feature of this clustered system. As the scale of applications enlarges, it is convenient to add new servers into the cluster and to achieve linear growth of performance.

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