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Inspur AS8000-M2 storage system

Functional Features

Advanced system architecture design

With the fully redundant architecture and fully modular design, the whole system has no single point of failure, and all modular components support hot-swap replacement, which can effectively ensure the continuous operation of query system; the scale-out cluster system architecture breaks through the bottleneck constraints on performance, and realizes linear increase in users’ query performance.

Storage virtualization

Supporting the access to over 90% of storage devices with standard fiber interfaces in the industry, it can help users achieve the unified management of new and old devices, so as to avoid the management complexity of underlying multi-brand storages. It enables the exchange of data resources among storage devices, achieves the reasonable planning of capacity, and maximizes the resource utilization.

SAN+NAS unified storage

It can not only provide block-level services, but also provide the file protocol services of NFS, CIFS and HTTP, so as to meet the file-level sharing demand.

Multi-type snapshot + real-time compression

There are three optional types of snapshot strategies, including pointer, clone and backup, so as to meet customers' query demands in different application scenarios such as data recovery, data test and data backup. It supports special hardware compression without consumption of query resources. Online compression significantly reduces on-disk data, decreases disk loss, and saves the storage space sufficiently.

Automatic tiering + thin provisioning of data

It supports migration of hot spot data on disks of different performance at three layers including SSD, SAS and NL-SAS. The system automatically calculates the cold and hot degree of data blocks with hot ones up and cold ones down, so as to give full play to the available performance. The thin provisioning function ensures the capacity is allocated on demand and supplied incrementally, so as to reduce customers' investment in TCO in early stage.

Data migration + remote disaster recovery

It supports seamless data migration, that is, migrating data in various storage devices without impact on the front-end query. It can transparently take over old data, transparently replace old and outdated storage devices, recycle data resources, and integrate and manage them in a unified manner. It supports data-level remotedisaster recovery for FC and IP links to help customers achieve the construction of disaster recovery for the data centers.

Real-time monitoring & protection mechanism

Real-time monitoring on the operating status of devices, and an all-round fault diagnosis mechanism enable users to immediately locate the problems. The classified management and allocation of multiple storage pools allow the dynamic addition of storage and mainframe systems. A BBU + flash cache power-fail protection mechanism is available; in case of unexpected power outage of the whole system, BBU can effectively guarantee the cached data is safely written to the disk without data loss.

Technical Specifications

Name AS8000-M2
Controller Standard dual controllers (Active-Active), supporting 8 controllers
Last-level cache Standard 64GB cache for dual controllers, scalable to 128GB; total cache of system in the cluster mode system: 512GB;
Type of HDD SSD, SAS and NL-SAS
Quantity of HDDs ≥1000 pcs
Mainframe interface Standard 8×8Gb FC mainframe interfaces and 6×1Gb mainframe interfaces; optional 8×10G mainframe interfaces and 8×8Gb FC mainframe interfaces
Extended interface 4×48Gb SAS 3.0 wide ports
Disk enclosure 2U12 disks or 2U24 disks
RAID level 0, 1, 10, 5, 6, 50 and 60
Advanced functions Remote volume mirror in FC and IP links, online data migration function, high availability function of storage, thin provisioning, real-time data compression, storage virtualization, automatic tiering, volume replication and snapshot
Chassis 630mm × 483mm × 87.9mm (L × W × H)
Working temperature 5-35℃
Weight Main enclosure: Bare weight: 29Kg; full weight: 38kg

User Manual


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