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Inspur AS5300/5500 storage system

Functional Features

Excellent hardware architecture – industry-leading

New protocol: Support industry-leading 16Gb FC, 12Gb SAS, 10Gb iSCSI protocol. The back-end disk channel adopts 4 SAS3.0. The whole system can provide the maximum bandwidth of up to 11GB/s, 600,000 IOPS, meeting the requirements of middle-sized application for bandwidth and IO performance.

High capacity: Support up to 924 HDDs and provide mass storage space at PB level.

Excellent hardware architecture – converged

Protocol integration: Support IP SAN+FC SAN hybrid architecture, save additional budget for deployment of multiple architectures, and improve smooth transition protocol rate.

Unified storage: Form a set of unified storage system by combining with Inspur AS-U (support up to 16 NAS Controllers)  to achieve integration of SAN and NAS.

Excellent hardware architecture – reliable

Redundant design: High modular redundant system architecture design with reliability of up to 99.999% furthest guarantees user service continuity and data reliability.

Data protection: Adopt super capacitor + Flash data protection mechanism. In case of unexpected power outage, the super capacitor continues to supply power to make cache data write to Flash to ensure the service data is not lost and at the same time avoid the fault rate of BBU.

Rich software function – intelligent

Auto-tiering storage: Support NL-SAS, 10K SAS. 15K SAS, SSD tiering storage technology (4-tier) to achieve cold and hot data tiering, rationally utilize disk performance, and save the investment cost for users.

Thin provisioning: The storage automatically distributes storage space according to front-end service demand, to achieve on-demand supply of storage resources and reduce investment cost (4-8X).

Rich software function – data protection

Data snapshot, replicated volume and mirrored volume: instantaneous data backup (RPO=0) is achieved via snapshot function, and fast data recovery is achieved via snapshot roll-back function. Local data replication and mirroring can achieve data migration or backup, fully exerting data value.

Remote data replication: User can deploy synchronous or asynchronous data disaster recovery solution according to service demand. After disaster occurred, synchronous mirroring can ensure the data is not lost, while asynchronous mirroring can achieve RPO within 10 min, to furthest guarantee user data security.

Rich software function - management

SSD cache acceleration: SSD is taken as second level cache to speed up the random read performance of data, simply storage and data management, reduce the cost of storage system and improve its efficiency.

Management method: The storage system management software with graphic interface supports Web management and software management, and meets different users’ operation habits.

Technical Specifications

Name AS5300 AS5500
Controller Double-controller, adopting 8-core CPU
Mainframe specification 2U24 disks
Cache 64GB 128GB-256GB
Quantity of HDDs 624 924
Mainframe interface 4 1 Gb iSCSI onboard mainframe interfaces, scalable to 2 groups of IO slots, each group of slot selects any one (4 16Gb FC, 8 8GbFC, 4 10Gb iSCSI (SFP+), 8 10Gb iSCSI (SFP+) and 4 12Gb SAS)
Expansion interface 4x 48Gb SAS3.0 ports
Disk enclosure 3U16, 2U24
RAID rating 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60
Advanced functions Standard features: snapshot, replicated volume, thin provisioning; optional: auto-tiering storage, SSD cache acceleration and remote replication
NAS functions

Maximum 16 NAS controllers, support CIFS, NFS, FTP and other NAS storage functions

32GB for single controller, maximum 192GB

Support GB, 10GB and IB mainframe interfaces

Global name space, with single name space up to 1PB, and maximum system capacity of 12PB

User Manual


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