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Inspur AS5600 storage system

Functional Features

  Unified storage

  • Supporting SAN+NAS: Unifying SAN and NAS storage protocols, it can support structured data and unstructured data in one storage system, uniformly manage such data, simplify users’ data center architecture, reduce operation and maintenance cost and flexibly deal with different query requirements.
  • Supporting multiple protocols: It supports multiple storage networks and protocols such as iSCSI, FC, NFS, CIFS, HTTP, FTP, so as to satisfy the data storage demands of databases, file sharing applications and cloud computing applications.

  Advanced system architecture design

  • Flexible mainframe interfaces: Abundant extended interfaces can fulfill the requirement for different query, which fully guarantees the flexibility, reliability and scalability of hardware.
  • Redundant components: AS5600 guarantees the continuous operation of query system on the basis of fully redundant architecture, fully modular design and no single point of failure. Dual controllers (active-active), and main components such as power source, fan, port module and cables are redundant; redundant cache data ensures data integrity; drive components are redundant, with two ports.
  • Hot swap and online scalability: It can realize hot swap of defective components without stopping operation; it supports the online scalability of drives; firmware (controllers and disks) can be upgraded without stopping operation.
  • Supporting power-fail protection: BBU + Flash,guar anting data integrity in case of unexpected power outage.

  Abundant software function -- satisfying the demands of queries at different levels

  • Second level cache: It supports PCIe SSD second level cache, and satisfies the demands of query for IOPS and responseg time. Therefore, access speed is no longer a performance bottleneck.
  • Snapshot: Data snapshot based on storage system can create real-time logic copy of volumes in storage system, which can realize data multiplexing, satisfy the demands for backup, application testing or development, information analysis or data digging, efficiently save disk space and reduce investment cost.
  • Thin provisioning: The allocation of stored resources is not limited by physical storage space and 100% allocation on demand is achieved. Online real-time scaling is available if physical storage resources are not enough; this feature improves resources utilization efficiency greatly while reducing IT cost at initial stage.
  • Automatic tiering: Data are accurately migrated to disk media matching with their performance according to the frequency of data access, and optimization and efficient data migration can realize the best balance between the storage cost and performance, so as to improve customers’ return on investment and protect customers’ TCO effectively.
  • Automatic QoS: As different applications require different IO performances, dynamic management is available for the reading and writing performance of volumes. Users may set the upper limit (broadband, IOPS etc.) for LUN, host, port, to insure important query volumes are not delayed or discarded while guaranteeing efficient network operation.

  Synchronous/asynchronous remote replication function: Important data are protected in multilpe places to reach data-level disaster recovery; in addition, active/active and two-place three-center solution can be realized for the storage system.

Technical Specifications

Name AS5600
Controller Dual controllers (Active-Active), scalable
Last-level cache 32GB,scalable
Quantity of HDDs ≥1200
Mainframe interface 8Gb/16Gb FC,1Gb/10Gb iscsi,FCoE,NAS
Disk channel bandwidth 8x 48Gb SAS3.0 wide ports
Disk enclosure 2U12, 2U24, 4U60
RAID level 0,1,5,6,10,50
Advanced functions Second level cache, snapshot, volume replication, thin provisioning, automatic tiering, automatic QoS, synchronous/asynchronous remote replication, and MAID green energy-saving technology
Chassis 482 × 805 × 133 mm, 19 × 31.7 × 5.2 inches
Working temperature 10-40 (operating), 0-50 (non-operating)

User Manual


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