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Inspur AS510N storage system

Functional Features


Flexible deployment

It is designed with IP SAN and NAS features and integrated with FC SAN, thus can satisfy users' requirements on consolidated data storage and file sharing. It enables the access of multiple protocols on a single platform. In addition, a combination of several systems can provide small- and medium-sized enterprises with multiple storage solutions to help realize flexible deployment.

Elastic extension

The system supports SAS JBOD extension and 4 TB hard disk. It can support a maximum of 96 hard disks with a storage of 384 TB, satisfying small- and medium-sized enterprises’ requirements from initial configuration to elastic growth at later phases. It also supports monitoring hard disks and provides optimization solutions for these disks. It reduces the probability of disk or data loss. Combined with the RAID technology, it meets users' needs for low cost and data security.

Data protection

It supports automatic switch or on-line replacement of faulty power sources to ensure that the equipment keeps running during the failure of a single power source and guarantee simple and convenient maintenance. It can work with different models of external UPS to effectively avoid data loss in device cache caused by sudden outage.

Security and reliability

The equipment uses a dedicated storage operating system to guarantee the performance and reliability of system access.

Highly-efficient and consolidated storage

It supports platforms across heterogeneous hosts (Windows, Linux, and Unix) and different business application (database, email, and Web) requirements. By converging network ports, it provides link redundancy, bandwidth, and dramatic improvement of handling capacity. Working with LUN on-line capacity expansion function, it realizes highly-efficient and consolidated storage for all front-end servers. With iSCSI configuration, it provides Snapshot Copy function to prevent data loss caused by misoperations or device failure.

Easy to use

It can be seamlessly linked to users’ network environments without assistance from extra equipment, and does not affect existing application. Even if there are no specialized installation or O&M personnel, enterprises can finish the deployment within 10 to 20 minutes. It adopts visualized management, which enables configuration and status monitoring on disks and RAID groups on the GUI in an intuitive manner. AS510N uses Chinese management interfaces to realize unified and convenient operations and management.


IP SAN/NAS network storage solution

Description: The solution is prepared for application data integration and data sharing requirements from small- and medium-sized enterprises, government departments, and branches. Users can use an entry-level storage product to realize consolidated storage and management on all front-end servers. The storage system supports platforms across heterogeneous hosts and different business application requirements. In addition, a part of the space can be spared to provide functions such as FTP and NAS and features such as access permission management and dosing.

Value to customers: It is easy to install and deploy the system. The system can be linked with the LAN without assistance from other equipment. Visualized GUI in Chinese enables users to manage the wysiwyg storage resources in an intuitive manner.

Video surveillance data storage solution

Description: The solution is designed for video surveillance data storage for scenarios such as city security, safe production, and campus security. It is easy to install and deploy the system. The server and storage are directly linked to the gigabit switch, which makes the use and management more convenient, enhances the data availability, and improves the overall cost performance.

Value to customers: Its powerful extension capability meets the requirements on video data and multi-step deployment and can satisfy business needs in the coming 5 to 10 years. What’s more, the equipment can optimize the system regarding the video storage and improve the video write performance based on the extension of host ports to realize HD concurrent write.

Technical Specifications

Name AS510N
Controller Single Controller
High-speed cache 8 GB (standard); can be extended to 32 GB
Hard disk type SATA, SAS
Hard disk quantity A maximum of 96
Host port

2 Gb iSCSI/NAS host ports

A maximum of 6

Extended port 24 Gb SAS wide port
Enclore 2U12/4U60
RAID RAID0, 1, 5, 6
Supported application

LUN on-line capacity expansion

Host port convergence


Rack 690 mm × 430 mm × 88 mm (length x width x height)
Working temperature 10°C to 35°C

User Manual


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