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Inspur AS520N storage system

Functional Features


Flexible deployment

The unified IP SAN and NAS, integrated with FC SAN meets users’ needs of centralized data storage and file sharing, and achieves the access to various protocols on the unified platform. The combination of multiple products can provide various storage solutions for small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) – helping customers with a flexible deployment.

Efficient and centralized

The Inspur AS520N supports cross-heterogeneous mainframe platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix) and meets the demands of different query applications (database, Email, Web). It significantly improves link redundancy, bandwidth and throughput through integration of network interfaces, and achieves efficient, centralized storage of all front-end servers – in combination with LUN online capacity expansion. It supports the Snapshot Copy function under iSCSI configuration condition, preventing data losses arising from accidental deletion and device failures.

Safe and reliable

The storage system and data are mutually independent without occupying the data storage space. The dedicated storage operating system is used to ensure the performance and reliability of system access.

Flexible scalability

The stand-alone device supports 16x 3.5-inch high-capacity HDDs. The system supports SAS JBOD scalability, mixed insertion of SAS and SATA disks, and up to 76x 4TB high-capacity HDDs, providing 304TB capacity, meeting the progressive growth needs of the SMEs from initial configuration, to later scaling.

Data security

The Inspur AS520N supports the automatic power failover and online replacement of failed power supply, ensuring the continuity of the storage system in case that there is a failure in single power supply – facilitating maintenance. It achieves linkage with multiple types of external UPSs, effectively avoiding the data loss in the

device cache arising from the sudden power failure.

Easy to use

The Inspur AS520N allows a seamless access to users’ network environment, without the need of additional devices and the influence on existing applications. SMEs can rapidly deploy a set of storage system within 10-20 minutes – even without professional installation, operation and maintenance personnel. Featured

by visual management, it supports the configuration, the status monitoring of disks, and RAID groups through the GUI management interface, in a WYSIWYG way.

Application Solutions

IP SAN/NAS network storage solution

Description: For the application data integration and data sharing needs of SMEs, users – including government departments and related branches – only need a simple entry-level storage product to achieve the centralized storage and management of all front-end servers. Additionally, the storage system supports the needs of hybrid platforms and different query applications. Meanwhile, certain capacity may be reserved to support functions such as FTP and NAS file sharing, access authority management, quota management.

Customer value: The whole system is very easy to install and deploy. It can be directly connected to LAN without need of additional devices. The visual interface program is available to enable users to manage the WYSIWYG storage resources through the GUI management interface.

Video monitoring storage solution

Description: In view of the storage of the video surveillance data for urban security, production safety, campus safety and other scenarios, the solution is very simple to install and deploy. Servers and storage devices are just directly connected to 1Gb switches, easy to use and manage, thus improving data availability and overall performance.

Customer value: With strong scalability, the solution can meet the needs of the video surveillance industry for video data and progressive deployment, and the query needs in the next 5-10 years. In addition, the system is optimized in terms of video storage, improves video write performance in combination with the scalability of the mainframe interface, achieving the multi-channel concurrent writing of high code streams.

Technical Specifications

Name AS520N
Controller Single controller
Last-level cache Standard 8GB, scalable to 32GB
Quantity of HDDs Supporting up to 76x HDDs
Mainframe interface Optional 2 1GbiSCSI/NAS mainframe interfaces, scalable to 6
Extended interface 24Gb SAS wide port
Disk enclosure 3 J3U16 or 1 J4U60
RAID level Supporting RAID
Supported applications Online LUN scalability, mainframe interface converging, snapshot
Power supply 650W 1+1 redundant power supply
Working environment Temperature: 10°C-35°C/50°F-95°F Humidity: 20%-80%
Chassis 700mm × 482.6mm × 130.3 mm (L × W × H)

User Manual


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