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Inspur Sets Up A 24-Hour Hotline


Inspur’s high-performance, highly stable fiber-optic storage system ensures the real-time storage of data collected from the 961890 hotline. It is highly regarded by its users as it improves their work efficiency. It also provides strong support for the Hebei Provincial People’s Government and its transformation into a service-oriented government.

“Hello, this is hotline 961890. How may I help you..?” Since the beginning of the year 2014, Baoding, Zhangjiakou, Langfang, and others have successively set up the hotline 961890 to deal with people’s various issues round the clock. “A hotline that you can get through 24 hours a day,” represented the convenience that people felt. Behind this success was the integrated solution and perfect technical support that Inspur provided to the 961890 hotline.

The 961890 hotline awaits a product with high concurrency and reliability.

Government hotlines are often criticized because they are hard to get through to. When the raised issue requires the involvement of several departments, it cannot be transferred within the same system. As a result, people get tired of waiting and gradually lose faith in government services. The Hebei Provincial Government decided to solve the problem by integrating all kinds of hotlines onto one platform, namely 961890. It hoped to create unified responses and supervision, and thus deal with people’s appeals round the clock. The government proposed high requirements for the construction of the system. The first requirement was high concurrency, so as to meet the demand for temporary hotlines when there are emergencies. It also needed to be high reliable and stable, so that the hotline remains accessible 24 hours a day. Additionally, to ensure data safety, the supplier must be a Chinese manufacturer with independently developed products.

By virtue of its identity as a Chinese manufacturer and its technological advantages, Inspur naturally became the equipment supplier for the Hebei Provincial Government’s 961890 hotline. In accordance with the customer’s requirements, Inspur developed a solution that integrated both server and storage. The system was designed with the principal of “one number gets through, one line clear, multiple means” as the design idea. The design process also followed the principles of usability, progress, safety, reliability, fault tolerance, and extensibility.

High-performance storage ensures that the hotline is kept open

Inspur’s autonomous and controllable hardware enjoys a large market share and a good reputation. Its integrated server and storage solution manages to connect equipment produced by different manufacturers whilst enhancing the safety and stability of the system. Inspur chose the high-performance fiber optic storage system to undertake the read-write operations of data storage. The high-performance storage product is known for its high reliability and expandability, as well as the fact that it is easy to manage and maintain. This makes it the perfect choice for the centralized storage and management of the 961890 hotline’s data.

After its integration, the 961890 hotline’s system attracted large traffic and frequent data exchanges, which required the system to be highly stable. It also needed to maintain a high storage throughput and a large bandwidth for read-write operations. In the past, when relevant departments in various cities counted the calls and the issues submitted to the hotlines on a monthly basis, the poor performance of the storage devices made it time-consuming to retrieve data from the past. It was sometimes impossible to do so, which made it difficult to respond to people. Maintaining the stability of the system under huge pressure conditions was also a test of the storage system. Inspur’s high-performance fiber optic storage system, with its high I/0 throughput and bandwidth, was totally capable of satisfying the various applications’ demands for mass data access; the 8GB/s high-speed transfer channel significantly improved the R&W speed of data storage in the server, which ensured that people could get through to the hotline quickly. Meanwhile, the main components of the high-performance hard disks adopted the redundant modular design, which significantly decreased the chances of system failure and ensured the steady operation of the 961890 hotline, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Even when faced with sudden traffic increases caused by emergencies like raining, the R&W speed of the data was not at all affected and the hotline was kept open. With the growth of the city’s population, the concurrency of hotlines and the demand for storage will increase. The expandability of Inspur’s high-performance fiber optic storage equipment will save it from fears related to expansion and upgrades in the future.

The system can easily handle more than 500 calls a day.

At the beginning of 2014, many cities (including Shijiangzhuang, Chengde, and Baoding) launched the 961890 hotline. After the hotline was open, each city received an average of more than 500 calls a day. This intensive work was made entirely possible by the capacity of the excellent equipment provided by Inspur. The hotline, which was open 24-hours a day, bridged the communication between citizen and government, and made it possible for more citizens to better express their thoughts and suggestions. Ms. Wang, who had encountered various delays when reporting problems, called in early in the morning and got a satisfying response. She thought that “the mayor wasn’t making empty promises.”

By storing, gathering and analyzing data, the 961890 hotline could effectively help the leaders quantitatively summarize and analyze the hot issues and difficult problems reported by the people. Deficiencies in their work could then be found in time and the relevant departments’ working efficiency and manner could be effectively regulated. When the people’s satisfaction with the government is improved, a harmonious atmosphere can be established between the people and the government. This can result in a win-win situation for both parties.  

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