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Inspur Helps Taizhou Build a Safe and Efficient E-Government Cloud Platform


The emergence of cloud computing, the Internet of Things, SDN and other new technologies and applications not only changes the development environment and the conditions necessary for e-government, but also provides new opportunities for its development. In the cloud computing project run by Taizhou’s government data center, Inspur’s e-government solution helped achieve the government share its information resources effectively. Inspur’s integrated software and hardware used the high-end storage device AS8000 as its core, and was thus able to promote the development of Taizhou’s e-government, and push forward Taizhou’s construction of a service-oriented government.

Efficient, safe, and centralized management: Taizhou’s need for a cloud platform for government administration

E-government is the priority and focus of informatization, and vigorously advancing e-government in the nation is an important task that was outlined in the 12th Five-Year Plan. The city of Taizhou, a beautiful place known as a transport and cultural center, uses the development of e-government as an effective means of improving the city’s core competence and administrative effectiveness, thus effectively transforming the government’s functions and establishing a service-oriented government. In recent years, Taizhou has been vigorously advancing the development of e-government, and has made some remarkable achievements. The city’s infrastructure has been perfected, and the resource sharing and development of government information has been improved relentlessly.

However, with the development of the digital age and the emergence of new technologies like cloud computing and big data, the user’s needs set higher requirements for information technology. The e-government platform’s original information equipment has been put into operation for a long time and is ageing, and therefore needs to be updated. Furthermore, the original e-government platform has a low level of integration and its management is not centralized. Its security also needs to be improved.

To further lower the costs of government administration and the e-government project, and to further improve the government’s administration and service, Taizhou continues to intensify the construction of e-government and promote the city’s modern informatization.

Inspur’s e-government solution with unified hardware and software

The solution provided by Inspur, which integrates software and hardware, is based on Inspur’s core cloud equipment as represented by the cloud storage platform AS800. The aim is to build an expandable and centralized cloud platform from the front end to the back end. The solution has the following characteristics and advantages:

High reliability ensures the system’s continuous operation: government affairs are based in Inspur’s server and are then placed on virtual platforms which exist as clusters. Any physical mainframe dysfunction can then be solved by virtual online transfer, so that the steady operation of the system is guaranteed.

Optimizing the structure of the platform to achieve centralized storage management: Although based within the Inspur AS8000, the solution has allowed for virtual and centralized management of existent and follow-up storage SAN arrays. The storage, management, and sharing of all the information can be achieved on a single unified platform. Through the platform, the administrator can allocate resources, and store and manage information in a unified manner, thus solving the old platform’s problems (including its low level of integration and loose management). The new platform also avoids information islands and improves resource utilization and the user’s overall CTO.

Full scalability makes it easy to handle subsequent increases: When based on the virtual platform, resources can be expanded in accordance with demands. When volume increases significantly, it sets up higher standards for performance, capacity and reliability. In this instance, the storage and physical mainframe computer can be expanded so as to increase storage capacity, improve storage performance, and ensure the normal operation of the government.

With the aid of the virtual storage AS8000, Inspur helped Taizhou’s government to establish an efficient, safe and stable e-government cloud platform. Through the platform, the user was able to enjoy the centralized storage and management of data and ensure the scalability of its storage capacity and performance in the future. The establishment of the platform has also increased the satisfaction of citizens, shortened the distance between government and citizen, and improved the government’s work efficiency, thus laying the foundation for Taizhou’s comprehensive development.

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