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Inspur’s AS500 Storage System Contributes to the Advancement of the Central Government’s informatization


Recently, Inspur’s AS500 storage system was successfully applied to the core system used by the Central Politics and Law Commission of the Communist Party of China. It served as the unified data platform for the central system, with the purpose of achieving centralized control and storage of key application data. Whilst securing data, it has also improved the efficiency of the departments in charge and provided strong support for the steady growth of the economy and the construction of a harmonious and stable society.

The Central Politics and Law Commission of the Communist Party of China (CPLCCPC) is the organization under the CPC Central Committee responsible for political and legal affairs. It oversees the various departments of the commission and directs the politics and law commissions in provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities. The introduction of information technology to the CPLCCPC is the foundation for the informatization of the whole system, which is an important way of improving the commissions at all levels and strengthening the police force with technology.  It is an important means of performing political and legal functions in the modern world, and thus enhances and reforms social management and further facilitates political and legal work using science and technology. It is also an important way for the system to improve its management and social services, and is therefore vital for stabilizing society, enhancing comprehensive management and regulating law enforcement.

With the development of information technology, the data stored in the commission’s data center was growing rapidly. Under this circumstance, the department needed a high-performance, highly reliable, high-capacity storage system to create a centralized storage and management system in order to meet the demand. For the commission’s data center, the core system was the application of the database, and it set high requirements for database applications.

After thorough communication with the customer’s project leader about their needs, Inspur’s engineers proposed using Inspur’s AS5000 storage series as back-end storage and 2 database servers to run the core application system. The AS500 storage series would be responsible for the two front-end and back-end database servers’ read-write operations that examined stored data.

The Inspur AS500 storage system’s 2 front-end servers ran the user’s core database application. The system received a large amounts of visits and experienced frequent data exchanges every day, which set high requirements for the system’s stability, storage throughput and read-write bandwidth. Another test for the storage was in establishing how the system could maintain stability under huge pressure. The AS5000 adopted Active-Active dual controllers, 8GB FC, high I/0 throughput and bandwidth, making it capable of satisfying complicated applications’ demand for access to mass data. Based on precise predictions made of the system’s traffic, Inspur’s engineers chose the AS5000 to undertake the task of mass data storage and frequent read-write operations. The task was fulfilled perfectly.

With the AS500’s high performance and stability, Inspur efficiently completed the user’s core database system and ensured the real-time storage of data, for which it was highly regarded by the user. Inspur improved the user’s efficiency and set an example for other data applications used by the political and legal system.

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