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Inspur’s Storage Virtualization Solution


Abstract: Inspur’s virtualization solution, which is based on the company’s mass data storage AS8000, can help the user improve the availability of their equipment. By minimizing waste through integration, providing uninterrupted data migration, creating layered storage architecture, and improving business continuity, the solution ultimately helps companies to reduce management costs.


With the arrival of the cloud computing age, virtualization technology plays a crucial role and remains one of the core technologies of cloud computing. The concept of storage virtualization is derived from cloud computing, which brings together and coordinates various storage devices on the Internet through application software, before providing data storage and business access.

Demand analysis

Against the backdrop of big data, companies’ IT architectures are getting more complicated, which leads to the existence of many islands in their data centers. As a result, storage is not used efficiently, and management becomes too complicated. In addition, operational costs increase. Under the circumstances, storage virtualization is very popular with customers, as it is the best technology to improve the mobility of data and the efficiency of the overall architecture. It can find data sharing solutions and can simplify the management of the storage system.

Inspur’s storage virtualization solution

Storage virtualization is a system with an intelligent structure. It allows the user to store data on disks and tapes in a transparent and efficient way and control disk space, meaning that the user’s storage system can store more data and allow more users to share resources within the same system. With virtualized storage, storage becomes transparent to the user, who does not have to care about the storage devices’ functions, capacity, types and manufacturer; all equipment will be managed together.

Inspur’s solution for storage virtualization is based on the virtualization technology of memory array controllers. It supports the clustering of virtual nodes and as the nodes increase, application load balancing can be achieved and the system’s performance can be enhanced. It is also compatible with almost every mainstream manufacturer’s storage device. Compared with traditional arrays, its full-module design ensures that there is no single point of failure. Its management is the easiest in the industry and it supports the centralized management of heterogeneous storage devices. It can also dynamically extend storage space and achieve 100% allocation on demand.

Inspur’s virtualization equipment has comprehensive functions for data protection. Its functions include snapshot, local copying, remote synchronization copying, data backup and remote asynchronous disaster tolerance. It can establish solutions like the virtual integration of heterogeneous storage devices, management in a unified platform, data disaster tolerance, and seamless data migration. Meanwhile, through Inspur’s virtualization equipment, local data centers can support a seamless trade-off between heterogeneous storage failures and hot swap between storage devices, thus ensuring smooth operations from application to storage. In addition, the solution can achieve the optimal resource distribution of QoS, so that key application resources can be distributed first to ensure performance. Through various technologies, Inspur’s virtualization storage devices satisfy different customers’ various safety demands for different types of data.

Target customers and benefits

The IT infrastructures used by companies are relatively loose. In many of these companies, data increases rapidly, and nowadays there is a relatively large amount of storage devices. Many of these companies thus face a number of problems in management. For instance, storage devices are often provided by different suppliers; how can the companies integrate and manage heterogeneous storage environments? How can they manage the increasing storage capacity without increasing staff or operational costs? How can they further improve the devices’ availability? How can they achieve the seamless expansion of their storage capacity so as to satisfy their applications’ demands? How can they create a disaster recovery backup between different suppliers’ storage systems? All of these problems need to be solved with advanced storage: storage virtualization.

Inspur’s solution to storage virtualization can help improve one’s efficiency in using equipment, reduce waste through integration, provide uninterrupted data migration, create layered storage architecture, improve business continuity, and ultimately help companies to reduce management cost and the whole storage system’s TCO.

List of cases

Inspur’s mass storage establishes Zhenjing’s cloud computing center.

Inspur’s mass storage AS8000 is successfully applied to CIRC’s storage virtualization.

Inspur’s virtualized storage helps to build a cloud computing center in Xuyu New District, Lianyungang.

AS1000G3 contributed to the informatization of the Bank of Zunyi.

Inspur’s storage was applied to Yaan City Commercial Bank to support their disaster tolerance system.

Inspur’s storage helped perfect the disaster tolerance system used by the Finance Bureau of Ningxiang.

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