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Inspur SSM Application Monitoring System Solution


Abstract: Inspur SSM application monitoring system is the 3rd generation of business monitoring system developed by Inspur who has years of experience in system management and services. It is an operation monitoring and management platform which is able to unify the basic platform of network management and the operation support system.

Industry Background

As the number of the data system going up, the network and equipment become increasingly complex, and management rely more and more on the support of reliable business application systems. Against this backdrop, information technology departments face many challenges, for example, how do they get real-time information about the state of system, how do they timely locate problems and minimize damages, how do they satisfy requirements of other departments and how do they provide suggestions on future improvement?

Inspur SSM Application Monitoring System

Inspur SSM adopts the mainstream “monitoring-responding” technology in the industry. With detailed and multi-layer monitoring on servers, business application systems of the servers, basic network systems, mangers are able to make better analysis and decision. There are various brands and types of server, operating system, middleware, mainstream operation application and personalized operation application, and each data center has its own software and hardware infrastructure. It is required to visualize operation state, to quantify operation health, to monitor the operation automatically and to digitize application business. The progress improves the efficiency of data center, increase stability and reliability of external application service, and lowers risk and overall cost of the operation of data center.

Inspur SSM carries out comprehensive monitoring work, unifies information displaying and management, provides flexible and personalized reports and graphs, which enable users to have real-time observation on the situation of the business center, and to locate problems in case of accidents.

Inspur SSM distributes monitor collection devices to carry out period collection task through Probe and adopts centralized distribution management, which meets the requirements of monitoring IT infrastructure under large-scale network environment. There is no need to install additional systems at user terminals; instead, they can conveniently check the real-time performance index of various IT resources through the browser.

Target Users and Benefits

Inspur SSM application monitoring system is widely used in government departments, army, energy enterprises, telecom companies, education and scientific research institutes, finance corporations, and healthcare enterprises.

Clear: The network equipment, servers and applications are automatically inspected, which makes the operation state clear.

Quantified: The operation of system is well understood and monitored, which ensures the service quality in a quantified way.

Digitized: Data of multi-dimension and multi-layer is displayed and help the digitization of management decisions.

Early warning: The complete warning system provides early warning of monitoring contents.

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