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Inspur SSA Security Application Delivery Solution


Abstract: The delivery of Inspur SSA security application improve the availability of access system of the data center. We also aim to protect portal websites and key Web systems, in order to prevent the web-page content from being tampered with and to stop malicious attacks. Our applications solve the problems of insufficient application load capacity, unscientific distribution, and illegal access request, etc.

Industry Background

Data center of enterprises are responsible for continuously deliver applications, contents and services to the users. With the prevalence of information technology, enterprises are facing increasing need to provide Internet or internal network service. Meanwhile, as the network data access traffic increases rapidly, especially in large enterprises and portal websites, whose access traffic has reached 10Gb/s), availability and security of their server faces greater challenges.

Needs Analysis

Users are looking for a simple and efficient way to manage these server clusters in order to achieve high performance, high ductility, high availability, and to ensure data security of the application.

Inspur SSA Security Application Delivery Solution

In a data center with several servers, Inspur SSA security application delivery system can configure all of the real servers into virtual service to balance the load, and directly send out an IP (VSIP: Virtual Server IP) of the virtual service. When user requests arrive at devices, security detection engine will first filter the information according to pre-set security rules, and discard requests not in accordance with the rules and return the information back to the user, so as to ensure security of backend servers.

In addition, the security detection engine submits the secure data to the load balance engine, which properly allocates server resources based on the scheduling strategy of the 4th and the 7th-level load balance algorithm. The system not only reduces the cost of hardware investment, but also overcome the performance bottleneck of individual server. Meanwhile, it ensure security of the rear-end data center and future expansion. As for systems with high concurrent access traffic, their performance is also guaranteed.

Inspur SSA is structured through cascade deployment or parallel deployment. Cascade model enables SSA to work between network firewall/routers and application servers with only simple steps of configuration.

Parallel mode is the most commonly used. Inspur SSA can also be deployed in this model, which does not change the user’s network structure. The installation of equipment will not interrupt operation of system, so the deployment of equipment is finished quickly and simply.

Target Users and Benefits

Inspur SSA security application delivery system is widely used in government departments, telecom companies, education institutes, finance and taxation corporations, etc. It provides users with an efficient, rapid and secure application delivery solution.

Compared with load balance, Inspur SSA security application delivery system puts more emphasis on functions, stability, application security and optimization, in order to rise to the challenges of deploying and delivering service under complex application environment.

Inspur SSA makes use of the advanced technology of application optimization to improve the application access speed and to optimize the user experience. Abundant load balance algorithm improves the continuity of business in data center and integrates Web security detection engines. Special traffic cleaning of the HTTP protocol and SSL encryption technology ensure the secure connection between data center and the Web. Integrated equipment lowers the complexity of the network cluster, provide complete application delivery capacity, and reduce the cost of the data center.

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