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Inspur SSR Mainframe Security Reinforcement Solution


Abstract: Inspur SSR mainframe security reinforcement solution is about reinforcing the operating system based on the theory of ROST technology, and we are committed to solve security problems once and for all to benefit government and enterprises who have various server mainframes.

Industry Background

With the rapid development of Internet and Intranet, many traditional information systems and database become Internet-based gradually. As e-government projects being carried out, numerous distributed application appears on the web. In traditional security system, the basic construction sometimes puts more emphasis on network, data transmission and application while security measurements of the mainframe are overlooked.

Needs Analysis

The application system becomes complex and diverse, and system bugs emerge one after another. New virus and malicious code are rampant on line, and traditional security measurements such as firewall, intrusion detection, antivirus software and other products cannot meet the increasing requirements for security. Statistics shows that 95% of the network management centers in China have once been attacked or intruded by domestic or foreign hackers. Government, banks, and other financial institutions are the most obvious targets of the hackers. In addition, according to Gartner’s statistics, 70% of the attacks come from domestic hackers, so domestic risks are more serious.

Therefore, the lack of security measurements in mainframes gives the chance to virus and hackers to intrude the mainframe. How can enterprises actively defense and ensure the security of system becomes a problem demanding prompt solution.

Inspur SSR Mainframe Security Reinforcement Solution

Inspur SSR is about reinforcing the operating system based on the theory of ROST (kernel reinforcement) technology. Kernel reinforcement refers controlling communication channel and kernel function of the system with HOOK technology. The rule is built based on mandatory access to the control model, which makes every transmission mode obeying the rule.

Inspur SSR follows the idea of “separation of the three powers”, and requires mandatory access to files, contents, processes, registry and service. The system efficiently restricts and decentralizes the system administrator’s privilege, combining integrity detection of the files, service functions and buffer overflow prevention. The general operating system is upgraded, so as to meet the 3rd-level standard of the multi-level protection on the national information and mainframe security technology.

Target Users and Benefits

Inspur SSR mainframe security reinforcement is widely used in government departments, military industry, energy enterprises, education and scientific research institutes, etc. It protects WEB, OA, data base and other servers, and support operating systems like Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX and HP-Unix.

Inspur SSR mainframe reinforcement solution deployment is simple because it does not require changing the structure of users’ network. Deploying SSR improves information security system, realizes “defense in depth” of the information system, and solve the serious problem of lack of protection at the system layer in the traditional system of system security.

The Case List

The mainframe security solution of multi-level protection and construction of China MSA of the Ministry of Transport.

The mainframe security and protection solution of platform upgrading of Ministry of Education information system.

The mainframe security solution of portal websites of national financial institutions.

Mainframe security construction of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce

The mainframe construction solution of Shengli Oilfield of Shandong

Mainframe security reinforcement of the Headquarters of the General Staff.

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