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Inspur SSA Security Application Delivery System

Inspur SSA security application delivery system maintains Web application security, and provides load balancing, application acceleration, application automatic release, intelligent expansion and other services. This system significantly promotes the security, availability, stability and manageability of business applications in data centers and reduces management, operation and maintenance costs of companies.

Functional Features

Application Security

Capable to carry out two-way in-depth test for HTTP / HTTPS data streams, with full analysis capabilities for HTTP / HTTPS protocol;

Able to effectively defense  malicious tampering to websites, including SQL injection, cross-site scripting, information leakage, directory traversal vulnerability, cookie counterfeiting, command lines injection, remote file inclusion, version detection for operating system and application server;

Checking on details of the HTTP protocol, including HTTP protocol version, method and URL parameters;

Able to prevent application DDOS attacks and slow DDOS attacks against Web server, supporting anti-brute attack;

Providing server information camouflage / filter to avoid exposure of sensitive information or error messages.

Application Acceleration

Supporting caching of RAM-based HTTP objects, which significantly enhance the access speed for users and reduce the pressure of application server.

Supporting HTTP traffic compression with a compression ratio of up to 80%, reducing bandwidth consumption and shortening the download time for end-users with a slow / low bandwidth;

Supporting URL hashing algorithm specially set for the cache server, improving URL hit rate of cache server effectively;

Supporting SSL offload, reducing load of the server, thereby improving the performance and reducing the server resource consumption of each user.

High Availability of Application

Seven-Layer load balance

Supporting smooth joining and exit of the application servers, without affecting existing business applications;

Supporting customized the policy on flow distribution, rewriting the request or any part of the response;

Supporting URL redirection, HTTP request filtering, user-defined HTTP error pages;

Supporting load balancing algorithms such as polling, weighted polling, minimum connections, weighted minimum connections, hash and shortest response time;

Supporting session persistence based on source IP / Cookies, so that requests of specific client can be always assigned to the same server for processing;

Supporting maximum connection limit and concurrent connection limit to avoid server overload;

Supporting smooth joining and exit of the server, which makes maintenance and management more convenient;

Supporting self-signed data certificates and third-party CA certificates.

Four-Layer load balance

Widely applicable to a variety of TCP-based applications;

Supporting polling, weighted polling, minimum connections, weighted minimum connections, source address hash and other load balancing algorithm;

Supporting the session persistence policy based on source address;

Assigning specific routing mode and triangular transfer mode to each virtual site.

Server Health Check

Equipped with ample service health check mechanism, providing user-defined script check according to clients' applications, able to carry out in-depth service health check, and ensuring that data traffic will automatically bypass the failed server or unavailable server;

Embedded health check algorithms for TCP, HTTP and other protocols;

Supporting user-defined health check for scripts, applicable to all applications based on TCP or UDP.

Management & Report

Providing secure browser-based access and SSH remote network management, in order to configure and monitor devices; supporting Syslog log management and providing an interface for third-party management;

Users are separated from roles, achieving the fine grit account management and providing complete system audit logs;

Supporting dual active to avoid single point failure;

Supporting mail-based alarm during failure of server and application system to accomplish immediate maintenance of normal operation;

Providing web traffic record, number of visits, number of concurrent connections and other data; noting administrators of server load directly. With server stability reports, administrators could view the status of each node server (normal, busy or failure) and make adjustment in time. 

Technical Specifications


SSA 1000

SSA 2000

SSA 2200

Performance Index

Throughput (G)




Number of concurrent sessions




7-layer performance (RPS)




4-layer performance (CPS)




Hardware Specifications

Rack Type




Dimensions (mm)




Ethernet electrical ports




Gigabit optical port

2 or 4

10G optical port

2 (optional)

Storage capacity of hard disk




Power supply

AC / DC single power supply

AC / DC redundant power supply

AC / DC redundant power supply

Weight (kg)




Operating ambient temperature ()




User Manual


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