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Inspur SSM Application Monitoring System

Inspur SSM application monitoring system is a service monitoring and management platform which conduct unified monitoring on basic IT resources and service support systems. SSM conducts uninterrupted monitoring on a series of IT resources, including various types of mainframe devices, network devices, security devices, databases, middleware, mail systems, web services, infrastructure services and virtualized platforms.

Functional Features

Diagram of SSM Architecture Product

Inspur SSM application monitoring system is divided into four layers:

Data collection layer

Data of hardware and software resources is collected from server through SNMP, Syslog, CLI (Telnet, SSH, WMI), JMX, CORBA, Inspur SSM UniAgent monitoring agent and other remote monitoring methods.

Data processing layer

Collating, merging and digging up data on status and performance, providing reliable data for senior management and presentation; filtering, compressing, merging and analyzing the failure data to generate alarms and event logging, and conducting early warning management and display.

Service module layer

Providing service application system of data centers with comprehensive functions including configuration monitoring, resource management, operation management, service topology, alarm management and report statistical analysis; providing the feature presentation layer with accurate, reliable and real data.

Feature presentation layer

Presenting full features of service application, software and hardware resources of the data center in form of WEB, providing flexible, personalized and targeted reports in light of management and service applications; support large screen display. 


Schematic Diagram of Product Deployment

Product Features 

Powerful monitoring on data center service applications

Server and relevant service applications of data centers are central to Inspur SSM application monitoring system, which realizes powerful application monitoring and presentation through in-depth monitoring on correlation among events. The system assists policy-makers and administrators, and O & M staff of the data center in mastering overall situation and details. Managers are also able to make strategies based on different layers of data center's service applications.

Simple deployment

Adopting centralized deployment and management, Inspur SSM application monitoring system can be easily deployed without changing the existing network and system application architecture. It provides two monitoring modes – server Agent monitoring and remote agentless monitoring – which can be combined freely to meet different conditions and environments created by different service applications of the data center.

Intelligent early warning and effective alarm

Inspur SSM application monitoring system allows servers and service application systems to actively give warning in advance by setting relevant application thresholds; it is able to identify all kinds of original events from separate sources by intelligent analysis on data and events. With built-in intelligent engine, it effectively filters, repeatedly compresses, aligns, merges, and creates dependence and association to form valid alarms. It supports a variety of forms of alarms including text message, e-mail and voice notification, and different alert modes are selected based on different alarm sources. It also supports external commands, UniAgent execute scripts, NetSend, Snmp settings, Trap forwarding and other alarm processing operations, which will be automatically executed after an alarm occurs according to predefined procedures. In this way, we are able take the first step to recover the service systems.

Flexible configuration, powerful extension

Inspur SSM application monitoring system supports template-based monitoring configuration, alarm configuration and report configuration, and enables staff of data center quickly customize reports. It also supports diversified-parameter setting and allows operation and maintenance staff to customize the configuration in order to meet complicated demands.

In compliance with various types of standardized protocols and specifications, Inspur SSM application monitoring system has a stable plug-in management system and provides standard plug-in interfaces, by which monitoring on specific application services can be completed without secondary development. Meanwhile, open expansion interfaces allow additional monitoring functions or integration with other systems; it supports third-party alarm access, integrates alarm and fault information from other systems through Syslog and SNMPTrap.

Practical values of Inspur SSM application monitoring system

Enhancing reliability and stability of servers and service applications, and improving service quality of data centers.

Proactive alerting and comprehensive monitoring, decreasing the failure rate of data center servers and service applications;

Intelligent alarm mechanism, shortening the alarm and reaction time, improving the fault resolution rate and service quality of data centers;

Flexible and complete reporting tools, systematically display the trend of server operation and service applications to prevent accidents beforehand.

Lowering the costs of server operation and maintenance, improving operating efficiency of data centers.

Data center staff will focus on service applications of target clients, improving operating efficiency of data centers;

Reducing the investment in operation and maintenance labor, effectively avoiding potential risks and costs caused by failures of the service applications;

Comprehensive monitoring on system resources, providing decision-making data for upgrade in the future.

Visualizing the state of server and service applications and quantifying the running health of data centers.

The overall situation of server and applications is displayed on large screens to improve the reputation of data centers;

Flexible and personalized views, regular reports and charts, unified display and management, real-time insights into the running state of system.

Technical Specifications

User Manual


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