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Inspur In-Cloud · Cloud Data Center Operating System V3.0

Adhering to the concept of open, modular and standardized design, this operating system achieves resource integration, resource management and service delivery for the data center. Based on virtualization technologies, it also simplifies the operation and maintenance process, improving the service quality of cloud data center.

Functional Features

A self-controlled, secure and reliable cloud data center operating system

Inspur’s self-developed cloud data center operating system strengthened the WEB security and data security. It also controls the safety of virtualization, visiting access, audit process etc., helping users build a safe and controlled cloud data center.

Heterogeneous resource management

In-Cloud OS supports unified management of all types of heterogeneous hardware and software resources as well as virtualization resource pools such as VMWare vSphere and Inspur iVirtual. In this way, it ensures that the already deployed virtualization environment can be seamlessly taken over by the In-Cloud OS;

Precise monitoring on hardware and software resources

In-Cloud OS precisely monitors servers, network equipment, storage devices and other physical resources provided by mainstream manufacturers, as well as operating systems, databases, WEB applications and other software resources. It also supports various kinds of virtualization environments like VMWare, vSphere, Inspur iVirtual. In terms of alarm mode, the system offers interface notification, e-mail alarm, and text message alarm etc. Detailed reports will be produced regularly to provide technicians with clear data, and to help them keep track of the status of all resources. Overall speaking, In-Cloud OS reduces the complexity of O&M management and improve the efficiency of O&M.

Quick service delivery

In-Cloud OS realizes quick service delivery through virtual machine template and application service template. The implementation time of new systems reduce from several days even weeks to only a few minutes, which considerably promote the service quality of the data center.

Pay as users consume

Based on real-time statistics of resource usage, users are able to precisely control their cost. Correspondingly, IT departments transform from cost-oriented to value-oriented.

Taking resource on demand

In-Cloud OS deliver the infrastructure as a service, enabling users to apply for and access their own virtual data centers, applications, virtual machines and other online resources via the self-service portal. So users can obtain all resources on-demand.

Customized work flow

In-Cloud OS provides personalized and customized workflow, and enables users to create the same resource application workflow as the original one.

Flexible service delive

In-Cloud OS supports not only the bottom-up resource application, but also top-down resource allocation, which meets different needs and resource access modes of customers.

Multi-tenant private cloud

In-Cloud OS creates multiple organizations, each of which represents a business department, division or subsidiary. Each organization has its independent virtual data center, users and exclusive directory, so that it can allocate organizational resources to its users, as if there were real data centers. In a multi-tenant environment, the permission-based user controlling and virtual-switch-based network isolation technology ensure the system’s security and reliability, so the multi-tenant private cloud can be built. 

Controllable and flexible authorization management

With In-Cloud OS, users can customize their authorization. Different identities can be combined or exchanged to access and manage the system more flexibly.

Long-term service and whole-process management

In-Cloud OS covers the whole process of services, from application, delivery to recovery, as well as feedback, cost and statistics of usage. It can also monitor the service operation in long term.

Service mobility

Inspur vApp has encapsulated multiple virtual machine services and relevant network connection policies. According to OVF and other open standards, terminal users easily share services within the same cloud environment, migrate services between different cloud environments. 

Technical Specifications

Number of virtual control centers (e.g. vSphere, vCenter etc.) supported


Number of virtual machines supported


Number of virtual data centers supported


Number of organizations to manage


Number of users to manage


Number of virtual networks


Number of concurrent users


Overall system availability


User Manual


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