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Shandong Mobile: The Development of Group Sample Project


Abstract: The senior officials of China Mobile spoke highly of the integrated cloud management platform designed by Inspur while inspecting Shandong Mobile. They appreciated the cloud management platform of Shandong Mobile and recognized their leading cloud computing capability.

China Mobile provides reliable public telecommunication services and also contributes to the national telecommunication systems  with our commitment to information security. Telecommunication industry has gone through significant development. As one of the key companies in this sector, Shandong Mobile deals with customer privacy and various forms of information, therefore, we are exposed to increasing information security risks, on which we should put more emphasis. Against this backdrop, Shandong Mobile network management center began their early attempt to build information system, and got involved in problems regarding information sharing, management and complex business structure. In order to these problems, Inspur introduced the integrated cloud management platform to meet customers’ needs. In addition to providing Shandong Mobile with cloud computing products to support its infrastructure architecture, Inspur also built an integrated cloud management platform with the In-Cloud OS. Inspur not only increased the efficiency and solved the problem of complex structure;, it also provides a feasible solution to national information security. With the successful integrated cloud management platform, Inspur helps Shandong Mobile take the lead to develop cloud computing among subsidiaries of the group.

Complex and Inefficient Platform Calling for Upgrades

With numerous ranges of services, the network management center of Shandong Mobile has a complex infrastructure, and maintains smart traffic network, integrated resources,   WLAN signaling monitoring platform and network optimization testing platform. They are also responsible for smart network optimization, customer service support, integrated monitoring, agent management, end-to-end Internet testing, and data network management. The lack of a comprehensive and integrated network management system as well as unified architecture leads to many isolated "information islands", impeding the further improvement of network management, operation and maintenance and network optimization.

Through the construction of integrated cloud management platform, Shandong Mobile aims to solve the following problems, in order to increase the utilization rate of network resources, to improve operational efficiencies and to bring all-round benefits:

1. The existing network center has too many applications to achieve unified management. Some of these applications are of low efficiency such as smart traffic network management, integrated resources, smart network optimization, and customer service support, so the need for unified management is greater than ever;

2. Irrational allocation of resources leaves many of them unused. In the traditional procurement method, applications and hardware are tightly coupled, leaving much hardware unused. Therefore, the new platform aims to utilize resources more effectively;

3. Launching new business quickly and improving operational efficiency. In the existing system, it takes much time to deploy new businesses and there are lots of maintenance and upgrade problems. To simplify the launch and upgrade process has become a challenge for operation and maintenance staff;

4. The energy consumption of the data center stays high with variety of hardware resources. We aim to reduce energy consumption and save money through a new architecture.

Inspur Seeking Way to Solve Problems

Shandong Mobile network management center has undergone transformations towards a cloud management center, improving the current chimney-style, hand-based management mode towards an integrated cloud management platform featuring resource sharing, unified scheduling and automatic deployment. To enhance the utilization rate of network resources through cloud computing technology, Inspur faces three major problems:

1.  The current mode of Shandong Mobile network management center is "UNIX server + database". The company requires to transplanttransplanting the applications to X86 platform gradually. Then how can we make a smooth transition?

2. Data center needs to guarantee the data security and prevent data leakage caused by cyber- attacks or other reasons. How can Inspur achieve that?

3. After the whole improvement, how can we ensure the dynamic and flexible operation of the data center while achieving unified scheduling of the resources?

Inspur Solution of Integration to the Problems

In order to meet the demand of Shandong Mobile, Inspur adopts cloud computing technology and develops an integrated cloud management platform accurate analysis of the network management and hardware architecture of Shandong Mobile:

1. Promoting the use of X86 server which is mature in the virtualization technology;

2. Inspur provides a solution of full localization for Shandong Mobile, including servers, network and storage made by domestic manufacturers with high security;

3. Dispersed heterogeneous storage devices are managed in a centralized way with the use of virtualization technology to improve storage utilization rate and horizontal expansibility. Meanwhile, virtualization technology can also prevent network attacks and ensure data security through isolation of different applications;

4. UNIX virtualization technology is bound with equipment manufacturers and is not suitable for heterogeneous management; so dynamic partitioning technology is used to improve the flexibility of resource allocation.

When building integrated cloud platform, Inspur adopts modular design method, and divides the whole platform into management area, core production area and external interconnecting area. The entire platform is configured with 30 servers, with each server deployed in different areas based on users’ access features and different functions of the applications.

Management platform area consists of cloud computing management platform and HA high-availability virtualized management platform. Two servers (32 cores, 128G RAM) are used to install In-Cloud OS and construct cloud management platform, carrying out allocation and visualized monitoring of the resources of the whole platform. Another server is used to create HA virtualization. The rest of the host machines (48 cores, 192G RAM) are divided into core production cluster and external interconnecting cluster, and these two clusters are responsible for traffic, transport, and data networking management. Each cluster is configured with a backup server with certain redundancy.

Partitioning proposed by Inspur implements different functions or deploys different applications, contributing to a highly expansible, flexible, and available platform.

Real Integration Let Out the Full Potential of Cloud Computing Platform

In order to enable department managers to allocate different system resources according to the requirements of different staff, Inspur constructs the IT system on the basis of In-Cloud OS. In this way, businesses and IT will be completely separated and we will truly realize macro-control and efficient deployment of system resources.

In-Cloud OS can set up different system authorization according to work requirements through a unified management platform. Thus the platform can respond and deploy quickly in response to the needs of Shandong Mobile. It used to take a few days or weeks to deploy new works needs only several minutes now, improving the efficiency significantly. In addition, the cloud platform will automatically allocate newly added computing resources to applications based on the overall dynamic balance of resource, realizing a new plug-and-play server.

In-Cloud OS can convert the server's physical resources into calculating units that can be dynamically allocated according to the specific needs. Besides, it can also balance I/O load between storages and network resources, thereby improving the utilization rate of resources. In-Cloud OS can save half of original physical servers by resource scheduling and circulation. In addition, with the reduced room space, facilities are also reduced; achieving the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction.

In addition to the increase in efficiency, Inspur improves the reliability and the fault-tolerant level of the system with the help of cloud computing technology. It guarantees 7-24 uninterrupted work and prevents services suspensions caused by system failure.

The integrated cloud platform based on the In-Cloud OS has greatly exceeded the original system in efficiency, scalability and reliability. Shandong Mobile’s success in integrated cloud platform has fully released its potential in computing application, marking the company’s advancement in cloud computing technology among the whole group.

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