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Yinchuan police: In-Cloud OS marks the Smart Yinchuan project


Abstract: The project of Smart Yinchuan will break information islands to the utmost, achieve full access to information and cross-sector data sharing, in order to promote the innovation of the government, city management, public service, and of the industry integration. The  information-sharing platform of Yinchuan Public Security Bureau becomes central to the Smart Yinchuan project.

As a pilot city in the second batch of smart city project, Yinchuan will set up big data centers, 4G network, and will launch projects such as safe city, and wise environmental protection. The city aims to create a new industry chain with the development of networking, big data and cloud computing. As a crucial part of public security, the information-sharing platform of Yinchuan Public Security Bureau will be based on cloud computing technology.

Driven by the cloud computing technology and the need for information sharing among municipal management departments of public security, industry and commerce, civil affairs, education and so on, Yinchuan Public Security Bureau hopes to set up a three-dimensional system, which coordinates information disparate systems and control emergencies in real time. Meanwhile, this platform should also be able to share information to the public, collect information data for analysis and comparison, and also manage and control the city system in real-time. Through the collaboration between departments, the government aims to build a parallel administrative approval system to achieve seamless connection in information, and an on-line service system to enhance government service capacity. The public is expected to enjoy much more convenient services, and to be more satisfied.

Traditional Platform Facing the Dual Challenges of Heterogeneity and Efficiency

However, during the long-term information system construction, the government of Yinchuan has adopted a lot of different IT products—from servers, storages to networking equipments and has deployed a variety of virtualization systems, such as VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer and so on. Therefore, unifying and managing these equipments hardware resources, heterogeneous systems and business applications has become the first problem to tackle before designing the information-sharing platform .

In addition, there are problems such as low utilization rate of hardware resources and prevailing resources in the original system. How can we use resources more effectively? How can we prevent data loss or data damage by accident? How can we ensure data security? These are all key problems we need to issue when developing the new data center.

Starting from the Center and Creating Smart Yinchuan

As a provider of the advanced cloud computing technology, Inspur presents an overall framework that features smart management, information services, emergency response, data integration. Following this idea, Inspur takes Inspur OS as the key measure that effectively solved the problem of heterogeneous systems, prevailing resources and information isolation among different government departments.

In-Cloud OS is seamlessly compatible with multiple heterogeneous virtualization platforms and can manage not only the mainstream server VMware vSphere but also Inspur-developed server iVirtual. Virtualized environments already deployed by users can be taken over by In-Cloud OS without shutting down the machine or affecting the business operation. By adding a virtual control center, In-Cloud OS system incorporate vSphere, iVirtual and other virtualized environments, realizing seamless compatibility and unified management.

Clouds OS is seamlessly compatible with not only heterogeneous virtualized environments but also various physical equipments, including X86 Server produced by mainstream manufacturers as well as different models of storage equipments, network equipments produced by various manufacturers, , such as IBM, HP, DELL, Lenovo and Inspur, who provide servers; EMC and Netapp, who provide storages; H3C, Huawei and Cisco, who provide switches and routers. Via virtualization technology, In-Cloud OS can make a virtualization data center with data abstracted from a wide range of heterogeneous servers, storages and network resources, actualizing the integration, dynamical adjustment and flexible circulation of resources.

In addition to managing data, In-Cloud OS controls all kinds of software and hardware resources in detail, and support more than 150 monitoring items as well as thousands of types of monitors. The system also monitors the configuration information of servers, storage devices and network devices, real-time operational status, temperature, voltage, CPU, memory, storage, utilization rate and alarm information.

Efficient, Unified and Secure Information Sharing Platform

The of In-Cloud OS integration has effectively improved the IT utilization rate of Yinchuan Public Security Bureau, reducing the demand for physical mainframes, and therefore the requirement for room capacity and electric refrigeration. Besides, it also changes the original management mode which was one-to-many and hand-based, realizing the pooling mechanism of physical resources. The unified engine scheduling through In-Cloud OS management platform contributes to the realization of a unified admin and a simple, unified management mode.

Moreover, Inspur develops all the software and equipments used to set up the information sharing platform of Yinchuan Public Security Bureau, and owns the independent intellectual property rights of them, hence effectively ensures information security. With our highly available virtual technology, Inspur guarantees the business continuity, especially when machines break down.

In-Cloud OS is a proprietary cloud data center operating system as well as a modularized and standardized cloud management platform with open architecture, and ability to integrate and manage heterogeneous resources. It is the core of a cloud data center. At present, Inspur In-Cloud OS has been widely used in government departments in terms of national defense, public security, health and enterprises, with our commitment to help users complete the transition from traditional data centers into cloud data centers.

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