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Shanghai Qingpu District: In-Cloud OS Escorting The E-government Project


Abstract: Inspur proposed the solution of "one-stop" and support the e-government project of Shanghai Qingpu district, having benefited more than 100 departments and 130 government service systems. The improvement increases the administrative capacity of Qingpu district, speeds up the transformation of e-government and service-oriented government, and set a good example for other districts in Shanghai.

Qingpu district is located in the west of Shanghai, along the lower reaches of Taihu Lake and upper reaches of Huangpu River, and consist of eight towns including Zhao Xiang, Xu Jing, Hua Xin, Zhonggu, Baihe, Liantang and Jinze as well as three blocks, namely, Xia Yang, Ying Pu and Xiang Huaqiao. With a permanent resident population of ¥1.17 million, Qingpu district achieved a regional gross domestic product (GDP) of ¥71.81 billion in 2012, an increase of 8% compared with the previous year.

Urgent Improvement of the Existing Data Center

According to Director Xue Yunbei from the information service center of Qingpu district, the original data center, 270 square meters in size, hosts more than 220 servers and more than 130 systems from over 100 departments. The supply of power and space is close to the point of saturation while the refrigeration capacity is reaching its limit.

Meanwhile Shanghai Government released “2011-2013 Plan of Promoting Smart City Project in Shanghai” in September 2011, which specifies that: "conducting pilot ‘e-government cloud’ project in Qingpu district and gradually building a city-level cloud service platform. In long term, Shanghai government aims to realize cross-sector information integration and sharing, to promote cross-industry cooperation, to speed up the transformation of government functions, and to build a service-oriented government with higher level of administrative capacity.”

Obstacles in the Transformation Process

Director Xue of the information center introduces the background of the project, "There are more than 100 government departments in Qingpu district, and their business range from public security to community affairs. More than 200 servers were located in one self-built machine room, as the result of information unification and centralization at that time. After years of rapid development, the server room becomes a data center, in which one is machine and the other is the air conditioner.”

Inspur In-Cloud Accelerating Data Center Transformation

Creating a "one-stop" service platform with Inspur’s self-developed cloud products: rebuilding the system following the structure of "computing platform plus overall business" and dividing the platform into administrative examination and approval systems and electronic monitoring systems. This structure is designed specifically for the cloud platform of Qingpu district, thus ensuring simple maintenance, dynamic expansion and convenient management. The overall platform is divided into front systems, which deal with desktop virtualization, and background systems, which mainly include infrastructure layer, core data layer, application support layer and application presentation layer.

Flexible and Intelligent Platform Management through Cutting-Edge Technology

Inspur uses self-developed hardware and software and adopts cutting-edge technologies such as virtualization, distribution, resources scheduling, JavaEE system, middleware technology, and Inspur Loushang development platform. We also put emphasis on consumption-reducing management and cloud security management, in order to make sure that our platform meets the industry standard and has good expansibility. Through this project, we help the government set up a flexible and efficient system that "changes with need".

The infrastructure layer is equipped with four TS850 servers and other redundant links including AS1200 storage, IP SAN, and FC SAN. The core servers organize powerful and highly compatible pools of basic cloud computing and storage resource. The storage resource pool can grow into a unified one together with the existing NetApp storage and IP link. In this way, ten virtual servers are set up, every two of which work as HA backups, forming five pairs of computing and storage support for application servers.

Finally, Inspur "In-Cloud OS" realizes the unified management and monitoring of physical and virtual resources, enabling the cloud data center transformation of Qingpu district!

Customer Appreciation as the Greatest Driving Force of Inspur

According to Director Xue Yunbei from Qingpu information service center, The e-government cloud project has achieved good results. First, of all the 220 servers in the data center, the load of CPUs remains less than 20% in both working time and nonworking time. Second, via template peak processing, the redeployment of server and application, which used to take 12 hours, needs only five minutes now. Third, before this project, the equipment procurement was finished by specific sectors individually when necessary. Now, with the new operation and maintenance platform, the procurement is centralized, and achieves overall planning, on-demand allocation and efficient utilization of resources. ”

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