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Inspur TS8650G3

Inspur TS8650G3 automatically forwards user’s access request to the appropriate server via rich dispatching algorithms. It monitors the health of various servers to ensure optimal access experience and service quality for the user. Based on multiple conversation retention technologies, it supports positioning the user request on different servers and hence ensures the continuation of client conversation. It supports multiple cluster deployment modes, active-standby mode and ensures system reliability and availability.

Functional Features

Single access point

TS8650 G3 is the only entry of the system. The client accesses the system via one single IP address. From the perspective of the client, the system established on the basis of TS8650 G2A is a single system image (SSI) based on IP address or one independent host system with legal IP address.

High expandability

It is possible to easily establish an expandable and highly available server cluster with TS8650 G3. Its high expandability enables the establishment of a cluster system with several to even several hundred units.

High performance

Professional hardware load balancing product with 12 ports whose general performance is improved by over 100% compared with the previous generation; 1Gb fully linear speed RJ45 interface; no need for external switch for small and medium-scale applications; it is possible to adjust the ratio of module loads in the application conveniently so that different processing modules with different processing ability can work optimize their performance to satisfy the complex application needs of the system.


TS8650 G3 is immune to viruses and DOS attacks; it effectively protects the safety of internal node units; three types of background redundant technologies to ensure high availability of service; two TS8650 G3 units can be used for dual-machine hot standby of the dispatcher to guarantee the robustness of the operating system.

High flexibility

It supports 2-7-layered load balancing technology; can provide a perfect solution according to user demands.

Easy management

TS8650 G3 can monitor and manage on a real-time basis according to the operating state of the cluster nodes and provide a uniform, collective, visual and trans-platform management environment for the system administrator. 

Technical Specifications




12 10/100/1000M self-adaptive RJ45 interface

Supported system platform

Operating system: Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris and other mainstream operating system

System management

Web-based graphical management interface

OLED-based LCD management and monitoring

Dynamic installation/uninstallation based on protocol and strategy

Performance and functions

Process as many as 75,000 HTTP connection requests per second; 90,000 TCP connection requests;

Number of continuous concurrent dialogs >=4 million

Back panel bandwidth 32Gbit/s, linear blockless exchange;

IP routing table: no limit

Number of virtual servers supported: no limit

Support multiple TCP.UDP ports bundling and forwarding

Support multiple health checkup mechanisms: ping, connect and server monitoring and checking; support users self-defining of detection scripts

High availability: support load balancer dual-unit high availability; avoid single unit failure

Safety: prevent DOS attack and SYNC attack

Safety management: user-friendly WEB page, management via serial port, HTTP, SSH, etc.

Supported protocols

All TCP/UDP-based application protocol

Power supply

250W power supply

Power consumption


Physical size

430(W) x 514(D) x 44(H) mm


User Manual

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