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VTM Virtual Teller Machine UN3010M2

Inspur virtual teller machine (VTM) combines the e-channels and manned service, integrates the foreground-background core and customer sales systems, and realizes the remote video interaction by means of HD videos, identity verification and so on so as to meet the witness-type business needs of bank in self-service card issuing, business consultation, withdrawal of deposits in large amounts, check handling, etc., thus providing remote counter business solutions for the bank, realizing the extension of manned counter, making the bank service channel more convenient, and providing 3A services for customers (Anytime, Anywhere, Anyway).

Functional Features

Product Function


Savings business

Cash deposit and withdrawal, balance inquiry, details inquiry and printing, password change, etc.


Card business

Card issuing, password change, account transfer with card, credit for load with IC card, debit for unload, detail printing, etc.


Corporate business

Balance inquiry, details inquiry, password change, bank statement printing, check business, etc.


Payment business

Car fare, telephone charges, network fees, fuel gas fees, water and electricity bills, gas fee, etc.


Financial services

Purchase insurance, foreign exchange, bond, Bank Securities Express, etc..


Information service

Policy propaganda, business propaganda, interest rate inquiry, outlets inquiry, etc.


Other businesses

Business consultation, financial management consultation, remote assistance, etc.

Product Feature

1 Brand-new architecture, safe and reliable

2 Intelligent control, perfect experience

3 Visual O&M, management under control

4 Strong expansibility, powerful functions

5 Patented technology, autonomous and controllable

6 Complete series, flexible deployment

Application Case

Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, China Everbright Bank, China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd., China Citic Bank, etc.

Technical Specifications

User Manual

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