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Bank Self-Service Terminal BCM

Inspur successfully launched the first set of self-service terminal product in 1996, and after the accumulations of about 20 years, it has self-designed, developed and produced more than ten kinds of similar products including in-hall type, through-the-wall type, wall-mounted type, etc. in allusion to the applications of different users and under different environment, integrating the functions such as self-service terminal, E-bank experience, self-service form filling, etc., flexibly meeting the needs of laying and deploying in places like large, middle and small-size bank outlets, self-service bank, marketplace, community, high-grade office building, etc., and adapting to the diversified needs of customers.

Functional Features

Product function


Bank card/IC card inquiry and account transfer


Intermediate business payment, credit for load, recharge, etc.


Bankbook supplement, registration and printing, inquiry, and account transfer


Invoice and slip printing, etc., bank statement printing, barcode scanning


Bank business information inquiry


Advertisements playing and other functions


E-bank experience, self-service form filling function (intelligent self-service terminal)

Product feature

1 New self-service terminal

2 Integrate functions of the current multi-functional self-service terminal, e-bank experience machine, and self-service form filling machine, etc. to the greatest extent

3 Support the application of all functions of multi-functional self-service terminal, form filling machine and e-bank experience machine on one set of equipment

4 Provide the usage experience with better function integration and optimized man-machine interaction for customers

Application case

Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, China Everbright Bank, etc..

Large banks including Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, etc.

China Everbright Bank, China Citic Bank, China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd., and other joint-stock banks

Bank of Zhengzhou, Qishang Bank, Bank of Xi’an, and other city commercial banks

Shandong Province Rural Credit Cooperatives, Henan Rural Credit Union, Sichuan Rural Credit Union, and other rural banking institutions

Technical Specifications

User Manual

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