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CTM Check Teller Machine CTM-MC510

Inspur check teller machine is deployed at halls and counters of back outlets, and at 24h self-service outlets, and can realize the self-help transaction of transfer check, draft, banker's acceptance bill, and other bills of corporate customer so as to promote the shunting of corporate business in bank and raise the efficiency of business handling.

Functional Features

Product Fuction

CTM-MC510 (vertical-type)

A. Bill self-service handling


Self-service collection of corporate bills


Self-service settlement of corporate bills


Self-service bank account transfer of unit debit card

B. Receipt self-service printing


Receipt printing


Receipt print supplement


Receipt true and false verification


Corporate account balance inquiry

Product Feature

1 More speedy self-service

2 Higher handling efficiency

3 More flexible product configuration

4 Marketing service of higher quality

5 More reliable handling technique

Application Case

Finalist of head office of China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd. (CMBC)

Technical Specifications

User Manual

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