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The Application of Inspur Loushang Platform on Shandong Provincial Rural Credit Cooperative Project


Introduction of Shandong Rural Credit Cooperative:

The Rural Credit Cooperative Union of Shandong Province includes1 headquarter 7 departments and 2 centers. It is governed by the union of Qingdao and Weifang. It has 14 offices, 133 county-level unions, 1,100 credit unions, 4,966 credit branch unions and saving banks, sales network all over urban and rural areas with employees over 50,000 people.

Introduction of the Implementation:

The system should not only ensure the physical interconnection, but should also be the logical information sharing center, the information exchange hub and the business collaboration center. It is not only difficult in the technical level, but also has high requirements on management; therefore, this is an enormous systematic project which need a platform, systematic system.

Security is a guarantee of daily operation of the system, therefore, the construction of the operation platform of Shandong Provincial Rural Credit Cooperative Union should pay great attention to the security of the system, including the security of the system itself, the entire Internet system, so as to realize the operation of automatic working system and the comprehensive business system in the same net.

System Description:

After comprehensive analysis of the office business of the Rural Credit Cooperative Union of Shandong Province, it mainly includes the 8 following application systems: e-mail, official documents processing (documents transmission included), working procedure management, and information portal, archive management, administration management, human resource, personal business management (daily work and personal business included).

The office automation system for Shandong Provincial Rural Credit Cooperative Unions should support the current databases, operating systems and middleware without relying any proprietary software and hardware. The system software (operating systems, databases, and middleware) is replaceable.

The advantages of Shandong Provincial Rural Credit System based on Inspur Loushang framework: after years of experience on large projects and tests, Inspur Loushang framework has already formed a mature solution. The framework is based on a three-layer structure of J2EE (presentation layer, business logic layer and data layer).

The system integration EAI of Inspur Loushang framework has achieved the integration, data resource sharing of every system, ensuring the accuracy of the basic data.  LDAP improves the login response of the system.

GAI, tool for Inspur Loushang framework of data integration, integrated the data safely.

After years of testing and improvement, the web components of Inspur Loushang framework have realized data submission and exhibition of high performance in Shandong Provincial Rural Credit Cooperative Union. The chart components can use chart to present the historical data, which is more favorable for the prediction and decision of future sales.

In order to improve development efficiency, Inspur Loushang framework provides a code-generating machine as well as metadata, which greatly improves the development efficiency, reduces the workload and shortens the development cycle.

Inspur Loushang framework has established a set of mature business authorization model and organization model, which secures the security of the system and the customization of the organization. The use of the authorization module is based on the access control of roles, which better controls the authorization of users of each system, ensuring the security of the system. The organization provides a rule model between the customized organizations, which satisfies the complex organizational demand of Shandong Provincial Rural Credit.

Inspur Loushang framework also provides a graphical process and customized forms, allowing customers can to set forms, processes and to initiate processes to achieve real on-line work processes and standardization.

Inspur Loushang framework provides report components. After simple training of the administrators, they can configure a new report on their own, which helps clients to customize the expansion of reports.

After years of testing, Inspur Loushang frame has good portability. Stand-alone and cluster migration. Take full advantage of using the customer's existing resources to solve the problem of costs.

After years of testing, Inspur Loushang framework has good stability and can achieve 7x24 hours of continuous work.

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