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Postal Savings Bank--core Application of the Head Office, Securing The Overall Compatibility of the Main Database and the Middleware of the Market


Project Introduction

China Postal Savings

The marketing management system for Postal Savings Bank of China is a typical case of Inspur’s application of Tiansuo K1 system in the core business system at head office level.  In the process of testing and launching, Tiansuo K1 system has passed the overall compatibility tests of the market mainstream database, middleware, application software and its stability and robustness have been fully examined under the condition of large amount of data and multiple concurrence. This fully demonstrates the operational performance to support business and the deployment capability of domestic mainframe developed by Inspur.

Application Architecture

The customer marketing and management system is an important supportive application system to the business operations of the bank. It can efficiently and safely support the managerial personnel to manage customers, sales account manager, marketing, statistic analysis and institutional examination and assessment.

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