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China Construction Bank---the Core Business Application of the Provincial-level branch, adopting the operational solution of heterogeneous platform with double standbys


Project Introduction

In August 2010, the Inspur Tiansuo K1 mainframe was successfully launched in the intermediate business system of China Construction Bank (hereinafter referred to as CCB) Xinjiang branch and is operating stably till today. This is a typical case of the application of the domestic key application mainframe in the core business system of provincial-level branch. To safeguard the smooth operation of the system and to take full advantage of the original equipments of the client, when launching the system, we chose to go in batches, adopting an integrated solution of heterogeneous platform operated with double standbys for the first time in China. This solution not only improves the business disposing performance, but also ensures the system to have high reliability, establishing an effective approach for domestic key application mainframe to enter the core application field.

The operational architecture of the heterogeneous platform with double standbys

The Intermediate business system, with the counter system of the Bank and the deposit and loan system are collectively referred to as the core business systems of a bank (that is, productive business system). This kind of business with a wide coverage and rapid increasing trading volume has become one of the key operational systems in modern banks, especially in the provincial-level branches.

The Regional Comprehensive Business Processing Platform of CCB Xinjiang branch is currently providing system services for 14 second-level branches, nearly 200 sales networks, over 3300 tellers, over 20,000 self-service and electronic equipments, covering the main trading and customer service channels of the bank, such as sales network, self-service equipment with an average daily trading volume of nearly 300,000 cases.

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