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ZAP-2100 STB

DVB-C set-top box with RF input and HDMI HD output. It supports H.264 HD/SD decoding and other options such as triple-play network integration, wireless network and WiFi access to multiple channels from various devices within your home.

Functional Features

Powerful Configuration

Based on Broadcom’s BCM7583 high-definition digital technology, 740 MHz dual thread CPU, with 3000 DMIPS (2000 DMIPS Main +1000 Transcode DMIPS), 512 MB DDR, and 256-1000 MB FLASH.

Speedy, Efficient Channel Change

Full-band tuner technology for quick response time. Channel selection and change speed in different frequencies is less than 500 ms.

Personal Video Recorder

Built-in PVR functions to record shows whenever you want, they way you like it.

Efficient Signal Diagnosis

A Network Management System captures the spectrum of cable signals in every household for efficient problem diagnosis.

Technical Specifications


Remote Control 1 x IR receiver

Indicators Blue (Power up)/Red (Standby)


CA card IS07816 standard

USB Interface 1 x USB 2.0 Host, TypeA, 500mA


Power Mode External AC-DC PSU power module

Input Voltage AC,100 -240 V, 50/60 HZ

Output Voltage DC,12V 1A

Maximum Power Consumption 12W


Wireless access · WiFi access

MODEL: STB-9832C (7583 STB)

User Manual


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