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HMG-1200 Gateway

Open, light and cost-effective residential gateway that includes WiFi and routing capabilities. It transcodes a single live stream and supports as many as three pass-through channels to mobile devices. When configured with optional RealHomeTM technology, subscribers can view digital content remotely and anytime while away from home.

Functional Features

Multiple Screens Within the Home

An integrated, full-band capture tuner and three demodulators featuring multiple channel outputs in a single box. Together with WiFi and a router, it allows for multi-screen viewing within the home.

Fast Channel Change

Full-Band Capture (FBC) digital tuner technology accelerates channel zapping across frequencies.With a rapid channel change rate of less than 500 ms, operators can deliver breakthrough TV experiences.

Picture-in-Picture Browsing

Three-channel demodulation for Picture-in-Picture (PIP) applications.

Remote Multi-Channel Functionality

Optional RealHomeTM Technology allows subscribers to view live TV and watch and recorded (PVR) content remotely, on external

storage, any time they are away from home.

Efficient Signal Diagnosis

A Network Management System captures the spectrum of cable signals in every household for efficient problem diagnosis.



Technical Specifications

Batteries As Customer Required Manual 1 x black and white, quick guide

Power Adaptor 1 x 12V 3A, external 100~240 V, 50/60 Hz, American plug type.

Package Giftbox


Dolby DD+





2 x 2 WiFi, 3 x 3 WiFi with a,b,g,n or ac as options · DOCSIS 2.0 or 3.0 internal cable modem

RealHomeTM technology


STB-9832C (7583 STB)

STB-9832CM (7583 STB+ Docsis 2.0)

STB-9832CMW (7583 STB + Docsis 2.0 + 1X1 wifi)

STB-9832CMS (7583 STB + Docsis 3.0)

STB-9832CMSW (7583 STB + Docsis 3.0 +1X1 wifi)

User Manual


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