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The Information System for the Field and Emergency


Introduction to the System: The system, composed of field integrated equipments, the in-car satellites system, the gun control system and the command centre, can provide timely feedback of the scene information and implement long-distance command and control. The system timely collects, process and record the information and passes the data, which greatly improves the capabilities of operating and handling emergency.

Functional Features: The field integrated equipment: mainly providing real time videos and audio information of the battlefield, which enables the command centre to timely observe the situation of the field; the sub screen can display the collected videos, and can also switch to the videos sent by the command centre or videos of other fields, which enables the command centre to possess information of all the battlefield. The in-car satellite system: receiving information sent by the individual-soldier system, contacting with the higher commanding organ and receiving orders from them, and contacting with the lower-level individual-soldier system. The gun control system: receiving battle instructions from the system of the command centre, and launching deadly attack on the enemy. The command centre: by special private LAN, receiving videos and writing information from other fields, making rapid analysis of the battle, adjusting fighting deployment, and sending fighting instructions.

Product Applications: The system adopts Inspur’s Jin’gang reinforced rack-mounted server, reinforced rack-mounted computer, Jin’gang reinforced portable computer, Jin’gang reinforced portable field integrated equipment, Jin’gang reinforced peripheral device, workbench and other products.

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